Kure Bazaar Juicy is the most popular summer nails staple

By May 24, 2016 Nails, Product reviews
Kure Bazzar Juicy Turkoise nail polish review

There are a few staple nail colors that every girl/women should own one of which is red. To find the right shade and consistency that looks best can take a bit of time and experimentation but is a process worth your while. This summer Kure Bazzar Juicy is my red/orange nail color of choice. I really don’t need to mention that perfect manicure can bring up a notch any fashion look even if you spend very little on it. READ MORE >>

This is my simple pregnancy skin care routine

By May 22, 2016 Beauty routine, Skincare
Simple skin care routine pregnancy

There are so many rules and misconceptions when it comes to pregnancy skincare routines. There are three to five really harmful ingredients that you should avoid at all costs but rest is pretty much up to personal preference and interpretation. After all being pregnant is stressful enough and last thing you want to add one more worry. Here is my quick guide and simple skin care pregnancy routine for morning and night including budget and high end alternatives.

Trying to make my fine hair look thicker

By May 20, 2016 Haircare, New discoveries
Show Beauty Thickening Lotion review

Tick luscious long and healthy looking hair that is perfectly cut and colored is probably one of those unobtainable goals we all have at some point in our lives. The far fetch reality for many is to deal to the daily struggle of styling our hair and finding reasonably priced hairdresser. Focusing on the part i have more control of  a.k.a. styling I started asking myself questions like how to make hair thicker, more voluminous and less limp looking on day two. Since I refuse to consider hair extensions or regular hair salon blow-dry,  the only thing left for me was to learn new hair tricks. Starting with small lump sum investment in hair styling products seems to be the right place to begin my steep learning curve. READ MORE >>

The Body Shop Instaglow – healthy looking skin in a bottle

By May 18, 2016 Budget buy, New discoveries
The Body Shop Instaglow CC cream review

When the weather start getting warmer the last this I want I full coverage foundation caking up, slipping and dripping off my face. Tinted moisturizers and bronzing powders quickly replace any face product with medium to fill coverage. To help achieve that lightweight sun kissed glow I was lured into new category of skin enhancing products. in other words CC creams with settle hint of additional tinted color to enhance skin radiance. The new release by The Body Shop Instaglow made me curious to find out how much of a difference that extra bit of skin tint can make. READ MORE >>

What is in my May beauty trash

By May 16, 2016 Haircare, Nails, Product reviews, Skincare
Product empties may haul review

In this month installment of “beauty trash” there are far more likes than dislikes. It is funny to confirm my initial reactions about product even after using the full size product. There are definitely some great new buys when it comes to body treatments and once again I talk about the amazing benefits of coffee scrub. READ MORE >>

How do nail wraps really work? Advice on what to avoid

By May 14, 2016 Advice, Nails
How do nail wraps work review

There are many products that are marketed as something new but in reality they are just another gimmick. Nail wraps are doomed to fall into this category despite their general great appeal and promising ease of use. But how do nail wraps work and do they? Initially the idea of making five minute nail art designs and simplified at-home manicures sounds great. Only when you try to apply this magical sticky tape of color onto your nails, the reality of the situation kicks in and you realize that this is not as easy as it seemed. I tried few different brands, ranging from size and design and came up with few simple pro and cons that might be helpful to know. READ MORE >>

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