June Beauty Trash and tips on buying grounded coffee body scrubs

By June 21, 2016 Product reviews, Skincare
June product empties vichy evian bio oil grounded coffee scrub review

Let’s jump right into this month’s product empties. Since bare skin is officially in fashion I end up trying a number of products ranging from fake tans, grounded coffee scrubs, and skin care bits. Here is how I get on with it. READ MORE >>

Aloe Vera for dry and irritated skin. Quick guide on how to pick the right product

By June 19, 2016 Product reviews, Skincare
Dr. Organic Aloe Vera range review impressions gel cream wipes eye gel

I’ve been dealing with my dry and lizard-like dry skin for as long as I can remember. When on holiday matters can get worst adding skin rash and irritation to the mix. As a rule of thumb, i always pack a good after sun cooling body lotion and some other skin lotions and potions targeting more severe skin conditions. When it comes to suiting ingredients, using aloe vera for dry skin always seems to help to keep skin moisturized without any irritation. I came across Dr. Organic Aloe Vera product range and decided to try few of their products and see which one work best. READ MORE >>

Celebrating my second blogger anniversary. Lessons learned and goals

By June 17, 2016 Lifestyle, Word to Self
Samples Queen Second blogger anniversary

Today I mark two years since I started this blog. I can tell that time has passed and things have slightly changed  from when I first started blogging.  I’ve grown as a person, a writer, photographer, and social media master of my own destiny. Some may say that this is a positive change but most of all it is part of my journey. I still feel very passionate about reviewing beauty products and writing the occasional lifestyle post about furniture, books, and even babies. There are many lessons I learned so far that pushed me towards creating better content but I still feel that there is so much more to give and achieve. Today on my second blogger anniversary I’d like to share some important lessons that I learned the hard way and announce few goals and aspirations for the year ahead.

How to get a tan at the beach and enjoy sunburn free holiday

By June 15, 2016 Product reviews, Skincare
How to get a tan at the beach

You should use SPF every day, any day of the week, all year round! This is the type of advice any dermatologist or fashion/beauty magazine will give. However if you ask any close friend or all-year-round bronze goddess, I bet they will have a different opinion on the subject matter. The truth is that the difference between SPF factors is marginal and picking up SPF 30 is not going to provide double the protection compared to SPF 15. Picking up the right SPF protection combined with few useful tips on sun tanning can certainly give you the answer to burning questions such as how to get tan at the beach and avoid sunburn. READ MORE >>

These are the best dewy finish foundations for dry skin

By June 13, 2016 Advice, Product reviews
the best dewy foundation for dry skin

If you have a dry or flaking skin you know that applying liquid foundation can quickly turn into your worst nightmare. Additional products such as hydrating primers and moisturizers do help the appearance of makeup on dry skin but the truth is your chosen foundation should apply evenly with or without any of these additional steps. It took me well over a year trying and testing foundations with different formulas and from various makeup brands. Now I can finally share the best dewy foundation for dry skin I found in light, medium and full coverage.  READ MORE >>

Tom Ford Disco Dust Quad review, comparison and swatches

By June 11, 2016 Pay day splurge, Product reviews
Tom Ford Disco Dust eyeshadow quad review

I just can’t get enough of Tom Ford eyeshadow quads, but they are such an investment. Recently there was a new revamp of his permanent eye color quad collection which also included discontinuing some of the all-time staples like Cognac Sable. If you missed the boat on purchasing one of the most iconic neutral but still very glamorous palettes, the next best thing currently available is Tom Ford Disco Dust. The colors might look a bit off (compared to other neutral palettes) but trust me they are far more day appropriate and versatile than you can possibly imagine. READ MORE >>

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