2 Step Japanese skincare routine – THREE Cosmetics Review

2 Step Japanese skincare routine – THREE Cosmetics Review

Endless times I’ve heard about the amazing benefits of the ten step Korean skincare routine. Sure, committing to such elaborate is time-consuming skin care ritual may have great benefits but it sounds exhausting on a day-to-day basis. Despite my evident doubts, I decided to invest in some Japanese skin care products and review THREE Cosmetics, a makeup and skin care brand loved by local beauty gurus.

THREE Balancing Foam seemed to be one of the most popular skin care products from the brand. It’s a thick paste that turns into gentle foam when massaged onto damp skin. It has the unique property to remove dirt and any other impurities, leaving the skin almost squeaky clean. After use my dehydrated skin did not feel dry, stripped or pulled which was quite surprising considering the great cleaning properties of this product. This balancing foam is also suitable for those who have combination or oily skin type. Something to keep in mind is the strong earthy/spa like scent that might not be everybody’s cup of tea. Also, it does tend to sting eyes on contact.

THREE Cosmetics Gentle Nourishing Scrub Balancing Foam effect on the skin

THREE Gentle Nourishing Scrub was another product that sparked my interests. The consistency is made of clear gel mixed up with small scrub particles. The scrub particle does not dissolve and if you really want to you can scrub away any congested areas. For my sensitive skin, I really need to go far more gentle in order not to cause any redness or irritation. I strongly believe that both products were geared towards oily skin type complexions.

THREE Cosmetics free sample

As a perk for spending too much money at the THREE counter I was gifted a makeup pouch filled with small sample size goodies. Some of which include nice and thick cotton pads, mini THREE Herbal Bath Soap, a sample of their compact foundation and concentrate emulsion. From the two full-size products I’ve tried THREE Balancing Foam is definitely the one to invest in. Check out my other THREE Cosmetics makeup reviews