5 iconic lipsticks

5 iconic lipsticks

Despite any season we all have that one (or five lipsticks) that are the right shade, make our lips look plumper, fuller or simply just more kissable. Recently I sorted through my cupboards/neat piles of lipsticks and rediscover few universally flattering lipstick shades. Ranging from light to dark mauve lipstick nudes and plum reds or deep burgundy, these five lipsticks are my top picks that want to share and spread the word how great they are.

Urban Decay mac wirl Charlotte Tilbury very victoria Givenchy lipstick

Into the nude
I managed to find about three shades of nudes that look equally flattering on my pale complexion. Urban Decay Naked lipstick is my to go every day nude of all times. This specific shade of pinky nude goes with any eye look. Next in shade, which is also slightly darker and with settle brown undertones is Charlotte Tilbury Very Vicrotia. This mauve lipstick feels super comfortable and long lasting considering it is a matte formula. Packaging looks super special and the quality of this lipstick it is totally worth the splurge. Next is line is the darkest sibling from the bunch Mac Wirl matte lipstick. Everybody keep on banging on about the corresponding lip liner and how great it is, but since most of the time it is sold out I decided to settle for the next best thing. This lipstick is surprisingly dark (combination of brick red and dark nude) and yet on the lips it looks surprisingly flattering and kind of natural. There is one thing to note, that the formula is very moisturizing and less matte than expected.

Urban Decay Naked lipstick swatches review

Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria matte lipstick swatches review

Mac Wirl lipstick swatches review

Berry, plum and raspberry
On my light complexion dark lipsticks look a bit too dramatic and vampy. After experimenting for a while now I found that deep berry or plum colors are essentially the most flattering version of dark lips for me. I talked about Givenchy Le Rouge Framboise Velours , which is one of my all-time deep raspberry colors. Another recent favorite of mine is Urban Decay After Dark Matte lipstick. The color is somewhat similar but far more pink undertones which makes it bit different. The formula is great and very suiting for matte lipstick. If you cannot tell I’m quickly becoming a big fan of this range, since the price is right and quality is very very good.

Urban Decay after dark matte lipstick swatch review

Givenchy Le Rouge Framboise Velours lipstick swatches review

There is having five iconic lipsticks that can serve any occasion or season. You really do not need to spend a fortune on lipsticks, since all you need is the right shade of nude and two more flattering bold colors to complete your look.