High and low overnight wonders

High and low overnight wonders

There is something truly engaging about overnight face masks that promise you the world, also known as flawless complexion and rejuvenated skin after single application. We all know that most of the time it does not work that way and there is no magical wand that erase skin concerns in eight hours. Sometimes there are few exceptions to the rule that does manage to help restore the poor skin conditions and here I present to you two very good contenders.

Ren Wake Wonderful Night-Time facial (£32) comes in a well thought of packaging, lightweight texture and ever so slight kind of neutral scent. Instructions on the packaging warn for slight tingling sensations but even after 4-5 uses I could not register any uncomfortable type of feeling. Once on the skin this light cream sinks into the skin in seconds and disappear from the surface. The light scent kind of lingers but since it’s not heavy or overwhelming it did not bother me much. For the record I do have sensitive type of skin and this product was technically not for me, as written on the packaging (“Suitable for all skin types except sensitive”). Nevertheless I did not experience any skin irritation or breakouts after use which was a great positive. After use my skin felt slightly more exfoliated and not as congested in areas. My skin felt very smooth and hydrated even after the first use. I love products that deliver visible results almost instantly and this overnight mask is certainly the one to prove that. Normally I use this product about twice a week, at night after my serum.

Ren Wake Wonderful Night Time facial review

Olay Total Effects 7in1 Multi Action Night Cream-Mask (£14,99) is one of those drugstore wonders that actually exist. Essentially this is a good night cream/mask that have almost the same properties like Ren Wake Wonderful Night-Time facial. Consistency is definitely creamier and on the skin feels a bit more silicony. Application tip: apply thin layer and make sure to work it well into the skin. It absorbs quickly, but if you put too much it leaves a slight white cast and sticky feeling. The effects are quite good considering the great price. My sensitive skin felt hydrated and soft, with no irritation. If you are on a budget this is excellent night cream to add to your routine. In terms of exfoliation if did not do much for my skin, but you can always start your nigh routine with cleansing twice, applying clay mask or quickly wiping your face with one of those glycolic pads. If there is a will there is a way, as they say.

Olay Total Effects 7in1 Multi Action Night Cream Mask review

I’m glad to discover two new overnight face masks from different price ranges that perform quite well. If you are on the market for some nigh time magic skincare action, definitely look this way.