5 beauty hacks with coconut oil

5 beauty hacks with coconut oil

Coconut oil and its numerous benefits are plastered all over the internet claiming to replace almost every beauty product you could possibly need. The thought of using a cooking ingredient as let’s say shaving lotion seems a bit odd to me. Coconut oil claims to have hundreds of applications that I decided to put to the test and found about ten that are both practical and actually works.


  • I love body scrubs simply because in my opinion they are the reason behind soft and good looking skin. My skin tends to get dry pretty quickly so body exfoliation has always been of a big part of my body routine. This homemade tropical body scrub is quite easy to make – mix equal parts of coconut oil and brown sugar. Personally I prefer more finely mild sugar because it works as a gentle body exfoliator that I can use more regularly. Some people also add essential oils to the mix but I feel like mixed scents could be quite overpowering. On the skin this DIY scrub feels a bit tick at first but manages to quickly melt into the skin. There was a slight residue left I did follow with body wash. Results are soft and good smelling skin.
  • Natural hand cream and chopstick – I tend to have dryer hands and lips around the colder months of year so I constantly carry some hand lotion and lip balm. The consistency of the coconut oil is really easy to work with because it quickly sinks into the skin, leaving no greasy residue (just a bit of shine). When uses regularly some claim that can help nails grow and prevent chopped lips. My experience is that it does maintain reasonably good condition of my hands and nails.


  • My hair is colored and very dry at all times so any product that can restore, even a little, the condition of my hair I will try. This highly nourishing coconut hair mask is probably the one application strongly recommend trying. How to use coconut oil on hair? The trick is to apply coconut oil on dry hair (mid length and ends) and let it sit for a few hours. Rinse well and follow with regular shampoo and conditioner. Coconut oil really helped my dry and bristle hair feeling super soft and shiny. Ever since I tried this I started applying coconut oil masks at least once a week and really see how my hair condition has improved.


  • My skin and eyes are super sensitive so even some high end luxury brands do not pass my test. Coconut oil face cleanser is another easy to apply beauty hack that I was curious trying. It really break down any makeup and grain in no time. About penny size amount is enough for the whole face. Just massage it in and slowly work into each aria. It also helps nourish and potentially grow eyelashes which is a great bonus anyway. The results were great since I managed to remove even my stubborn mascara but it did sting my eyes a little. Since this is oil based cleanser there is a slight residue I felt on my skin after use but nothing super greasy. I would definatelly continue using coconut oil as makeup remover.

Smoother feat

  • My feet do not get enough TLC are really need some help keeping them nice and soft. From wearing uncomfortable shoes I always suffer from the occasional blister also dry and pealing skin. I applied coconut oil on my dry and damaged arias, avoiding application between my toes since I read that it could encourage fungus infection. Then wrapped my feat in clingfilm and then go to bed. Wearing sock seems to be easier and appealing option but then the coconut oil will get absorbed by the fabric instead of your skin. I repeated the process twice a week for two weeks and could really see some great improvement. The dry skin really has softened and there was no more pealing skin.

Some of my the more unsuccessful uses of coconut oil were as a moisturizer (terrible experience that left my pores clogged and skin even drier) and as a replacement of my whitening toothpaste (it is absolutely repulsive experience, do not try this at home!). Nevertheless I still think coconut oil has some great applications outside the kitchen. If you only date to try one thing I suggest going for the coconut oil mask, it really makes a difference.