5 of the best nail polish removers money can buy

5 of the best nail polish removers money can buy

Chipped nails are no fun business and personally, the looks of it can drive me absolutely insane. I also dare to admit that I do tend to judge girls with half chipped nail polish on all ten fingers, and so does the majority of people.  I understand that for some removing your nail polish can be a boring chore that takes time (I’m totally with you on that one) but it should be taken more seriously and it is an urgent matter. In all cases picking up the right formula and even brand of nail polish removers can affect not only your budget but also the health and overall appeal of your nails (say no more to yellow nails). 

A while ago I figured that cheap nail polish removers can stain your nails and cause them to turn yellow. Despite what every single nail technician tells you, nail polish is the one that causes such troubles..and yes you must always use a base coat. After searching high and low, which also involved paying an obscene amount of money on nail polish removers I narrowed it down to the best formulas and brands. They all remove regular polish and have no trouble also removing  one of those gel-like or gel-effect nail polish formulas.

The gumbo pack
OPI Acetone-free Polish  Remover comes in a large 480ml bottle and will last you for a very good while. It is a great value for money product that does remove all kinds of nail polish formulas relevantly easy. It does not stain the nails after use but does tend to leave them a bit feeling a bit dry. The only trouble is the toxic smell that tends to linger in the room despite the fact that it contains no acetone…

The trusty soldier
Essie Good as Gone Brightening nail polish remover is probably one of my most repurchased nail polish removers. In terms of price it is very affordable but well above the price of any other drugstore’s own brand polish remover. However, the difference in quality is totally worth the extra money.  It does contain acetone and removes nail polish in one quick swipe. After four bottles of this magic stuff,  my nails feel and look great. There is a lingering scent but not as strong as the OPI’s version.

best nail polish removers chanel opi essie review

The revolutionary
Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover is one of those sponge infused nail polish removers that look very appealing and convenient. For the first few times, it worked great, there was no lingering scent and it removed my regular nail polish without much hassle. Trouble is it left my fingers feeling all grubby and covered in some of the dissolved nail polish residues. This is a great product for on the go or travel. Same goes for the majority of drugstore nail polish removing pads (they have no scent but it takes absolutely forever to take off regular nail polish and often they are very greasy).

The princess product
Chanel Le Dissolvant Douceur Gentle Nail Enamel Remover is a total splurge that every nail or beauty addict will justify and actually purchase. The perfume scent is pure bliss and the formula does manage to remove stubborn nail colors quite well. It leaves nails feeling nice and hydrated which is all one can expect from the brand. Needless to say, it looks incredibly chic on my dressing table.

There you have it my quick overview of the nail polish remover categories and some of the best of products from each category. If you are struggling with yellow nails here is a great blog post I did awhile back.