7 of the best soft purple eyeshadow colors

7 of the best soft purple eyeshadow colors

Nobody will ever need 34 eye palettes and/or 27 single eyeshadows (this is just a close enough estimation of how much makeup I actually own)! On a daily basis, despite the vast variety of colors and finishes, I tend to gravitate towards a variation of lilac taupe and soft purple eyeshadow colors. I love this particular shades of color because they are both convenient and easy to apply on the go. Ironically in my vast collection, there are only seven soft purple eyeshadows that match the description.

Base color
Matte cream eye shadows are the perfect base to even the simplest makeup looks. They are easy to smudge all over the lid and despite being messy they tend to give that instant “lived in” look. Another great benefit of using a base cream eyeshadow is that it helps with creasing. One of my favorite lilac taupe matte cream eyeshadows is Bobbi Brown Long Lasting eyeshadow in Heather. In the pan it might look a bit dark but on the lids and it gives a settle wash of color. Max Factor Masterpiece eyeshadow in Coffee looks very dark and muddy color but once on the lids it gives that settle light gray metallic sheen of taupe color. It is very low maintenance and quite affordable too.

best soft purple eyeshadow colors bobbi brown by terry misty rock

Crayon eye shadows
My eyelids are quite oily so I never even dare to imagine that any of cream eye shadow will last on me for more than a couple of hours without a primer. This rule is especially true when I decide to use eye shadow crayons despite the brand or price point. When I decide to go for more of a pink taupe based alternative there are two eye shadow crayons that I cannot go without. Laura Murcier Caviar Stick in Amethyst or By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock. Those two are practically identical with a very slight variation of pink shimmery undertones.

best soft purple eyeshadow colors

Powder eye shadow

In this category, I have only three favorites that once again have very similar undertones. LOreal Color Riche in Nude 201 is an absolutely amazing light pink taupe eye shadow. It is very dimensional color and depending on which base I decide to use, results always look different. If I paired it with something like BB Heather it definitely translates into more shimmery lilac taupe. When paired with MF Coffee the final result is more of a light metallic silver taupe. Clinique Eyeshadow duo in Cocktail hour 23 is a great mini palette in lilac taupe. On the lids, it gives kind of matte and settle sheen of lilac and plum color. Burberry Rosewood 202 is another great all-rounder that I cannot live without.