8 bridal make up and hair regrets

When you start planning your wedding there are tons of beautiful pictures of the perfect wedding decorations, elaborate wedding dresses, dream venues and candid moments of beautiful couples. It all starts as with the great intention of looking for inspiration but in the end all that research turns into unrealistic expectations and deep disappointment. By definition, weddings are great celebrations of love that cost a fortune and almost always does not meet the bride’s expectations. Here are my top 8 bridal makeup and hair regrets I wish to have managed and planned for more properly.

There is no particular meaning to the order below, it is just a list of things that first came to my mind.

Don’t cut your hair at least 2-3 weeks before the wedding – I went to this new top hair stylist that had amazing reviews and lots of people were raving about. He did not cut much but added a few layers that proved to be very difficult to style during my bridal hair trial and on my wedding day.
Have your nails done one or two days before your wedding – since I had a destination wedding I got my nails done a week in advance with Shellac hoping they will last me a good while. On the day my wedding my nude nails look fine but had no shine and the color looked dull in pictures.
Wavy hair will drop within hours – if you go for hair down or half updo, chances are your hair will be flat within hours. With that in mind make sure that you use hair products with extra hold and carry a few hair grips and hairspray in your bag.hair extensions and hair sponges are ideal too even if you never dared to use any, they are worth it!
8 bridal make up and hair regrets Go for heavy duty when it comes to blush, highlight, and contour – there are going to be tons of pictures from any angle you can possibly imagine. Contouring can really help slim down your face, a highlight will give you extra glow and blush can add a bit of healthy rose flush of color to any complexion. I took more natural approach my contour and highlight. Trouble was that after a few hours of celebration my complexion started looking a flat since makeup wore off after just a few hours.
Do use fake tan even if your dress will get ruined – bronze people look more attractive and that’s is one of those undeniable facts of life. There is no need to go deep orange or more than two shades darker than your significant other. It is best to go for a settle glow of light bronze, about 2 days before the wedding and make sure there are no visible patches on the skin. If there are lemon juice if your savior. Do trail your spray tan of choice.
Go for individual instead of strip lashes – strip lashes can cause a shadow on pictures and can look very obvious and heavy on pictures. Eyelash extensions are great but do trail them and see how they look weeks before your big day.
Use lip liner at all costs – even if you go for long-lasting lipstick formula you will have to reapply your lipstick at least once during the day/night. Lip liner is more precise and really extends the wear of any lipstick.
Going unprepared for your hair trial – I’m not sure if you know but hairdressers change by the hour now by how many different styles they can do in that hour. Not knowing what hair style you want can really affect your designated budget for hair and makeup. Pictures are useful too but chances are your chosen hairstyles might not have good enough skill to recreate that beautiful half do with four different types of fish braids. Do your research on hairstyles that you feel comfortable with and try to match them to the skills of your hairstylist.
If you have any other useful bridal make up or hair regrets, please do share in the comments below. For more wedding related blog posts check what is in my bridal bag, wedding perfume and tips on picking wedding invitations.