A bit of a different approach – Diorific Lipstick

A bit of a different approach – Diorific Lipstick

There was only one gem from the latest holiday collection by Dior called Golden Shock. I felt that Enchanting Shock Diorific Lipstick (number two) is probably the one shade I would wear in regular bases. On one size there is a perfect sheer but sparkly nude that also looks great on its own. The opposite side of the bullet contains of matte what I dare to describe as ash pink color with a settle hint of orange. Layered on top of each other you get that great combination of lip color that is noticeable without being overpowering. I would normally pair this lip color with a matte smoky eye or some dark brown/copper sparkly crayon shade.

Enchanting Shock Diorific Lipstick review 2014

Enchanting Shock Diorific Lipstick review shades

Enchanting Shock Diorific Lipstick review

Overall I think that the concept behind the Diorific Lipsticks (two shades combined in a smart and practical way) is not bad at all. Thinking about it there are two good reasons to like this lipstick. One I most certainly did not finish a single lipstick in the past six months. Two chances are I do carry between two and four different lipsticks in my handbag on daily bases. Diorific Lipsticks tend to combine best of both words and supply a product that could help to some extent.

In terms of looks, yes it does look gimmicky and packaging has gone a bit wrong, looking like something you need to include batteries. I can only describe the situation as awkward when my boyfriend first saw this little number laying around the house. We also had a long conversation about what that way and that is best to keep my makeup items in the cupboards just in case of unexpected guests..