A range of primers

A range of primers

There are so many products and so little samples. That’s why gravitating towards purchasing a starter or explore kit is a clever way of discovering what works for you personally. Smashbox Primer Try It Kit comes with three “best-selling” primers targeting your eye lids, under eye aria and face. This is excellent and very affordable product kit that will help you select what is the right product for you and your skin type. When it comes to primers keep in mind that little goes a long way, this kit is also a great value (£7.50 only!)

Smashbox Photo Finish lid primer has tick but creamy consistency. It gives great coverage of blue and red tones and really evens the skin tone. It gave my eyelids a great base to eye shadow and colors did appear more vibrant when using this product. For the record I have super oily eyelids which always present a challenge when it comes to eye shadow primers. Overall this is a good quality eye shadow primer. It lasted all day and creasing was very minimal. I tested it with a few powder and cream eye shadows and both times results were quite good.

 Smashbox Primer Try It Kit contents review 

Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer has pink translucent color that melts away on application. After applying concealer on top a few things stood out. The overall appearance of my concealer did not improve. Only after a few hours it really sink into fine lines and frankly it did not look good. On the longevity front this under eye primer did deliver but I almost wish it does something extra.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation primer oil-free formula it feels slippery but non greasy. On application there is a light film of product left on skin. Foundation tend to look more matte and does tend to last longer. For oily arias like the T zone I would that that after a few hours you still have to powder to keep up the coverage.

Smashbox Primer Try It Kit is great way to get introduced to good few products. Out of the bunch I would probably look into purchasing Smashbox Photo Finish lid primer since it ticked most boxes. Let know what you think of this products in the comments below.