Absolute nude and matte palettes

Absolute nude and matte palettes

Once again i was searching for another nude eyeshadow to add to my collection when i came across these two Catrice Absolute eyeshadow palettes. I could not resist but get them both and compare which one is better. Catrice first released Absolute Nude eyeshadow palette which is slightly shimmery and gravitates towards earthy tones. Catrice Absolute Matt has more neutral matte colors including only two lighter shades.

Catrice Absolute nude matt eyeshadow palette

My experience with Catrice eyeshadows is that if you use a primer under they last a good bit of time. It doesn’t really matter if you have oily eyelids like me or not. This eyeshadows have great pigment, creamy consistency but the lasting power could be improved.

Catrice Absolute nude eyeshadow palette

Catrice Absolute nude eyeshadow palette swatches

Catrice Absolute matte eyeshadow palette

Catrice Absolute matte eyeshadow palette swatches

Catrice Absolute Nude eyeshadow palette has two light, two medium and two dark shades.There is a fine shimmer blended with the base color that translate luminous. This palette does not have as strong pigment as some of the other Catrice eyeshadows. I saw a few swathes form other bloggers and the colors looked very vibrant. In reality is very unlikely that you will ever get a bold color with just a few swipes, just saying. The consistency is creamy yet chalky. Does not bled exceptionally well, but single colors are good for just all over the eyelid. My favourite shades are the second and third from left to right. They look most natural and give that effortless undone but done look.

Catrice Absolute Matt eyeshadow palette is the latest edition to the range. The colors are much more cold and ashy tones. Surprisingly enough consistency of the shades is nice and smooth. Color payoff is no different the the Absolute Nude version. All colors are great to use only as a base.I tried to create a matte smoky eye using majority of the colors but failed due to the lack of pigment.

If i have to choose between the two i would probably go for the original nude Catrice Absolute eyeshadow palette. I really like that this palettes are small and compact. The only thing i would add to the packaging and make this palette perfect for on the go is perhaps a mirror.