Adding to my liquid assets

Adding to my liquid assets

Every time I see a good value set of products I go “Add to Cart” and then wait to arrive in excitement. Sometimes my purchases are very successful, other times not so much. What keeps me going is that A) I venture out of my comfort zone and B) I tried something new, despite the fact that there is always going to be that odd shade of lipstick/eye shadow you will never use. Keep on reading to find out my recent value set liquid lipsticks acquisition.

Lipstick Queen Liquid Assets trio consist of nude, pink and red liquid lipstick. The shades are not exclusive to this set which actually contributed to the great value of this trio. In terms of consistency all liquid lipsticks from this range feel very comfortable on the lips and gives a glossy finish. Once on these lipsticks are super pigmented, have glossy finish, feel comfortable on the lips but at times a bit sticky. The brush and twist up applicator are quite handy to use and give good control during application. Something else to keep in mind is the heavy scent of spicy peppermint. It can be quite overwhelming at first so keep that in mind before purchasing.

Lipstick Queen Vesuvian Blush Vesuvian Red Vesuvian Fuchsia review

Vesuvian Blush is a rather peachy nude, Vesuvian Fuchsia is vibrant pink and Vesuvian Red is your typical bold red shade. The pigmentation is quite good and after a few hours of wear there is a slight sheen left on the lips. The nude color was probably the most disappointing from the bunch but other two really made up for it.

Lipstick Queen Vesuvian Blush

Lipstick Queen Vesuvian Fuchsia

Lipstick Queen Vesuvian Red

Lipstick Queen Liquid Assets trio retails for about £30 which is a bargain considering the value of each liquid lipstick is £22.