Affordable nude and glittery cream eyeshadows

Affordable nude and glittery cream eyeshadows

Unimpressed the recent new high end makeup collections and reverted back to trusty budget alternatives. The stores of Kiko Milano always run some sort of discount or promotion on top of already very reasonably priced products which is a great bonus. Looking at the upcoming trends and with spring in mind there were a few new eye colors I wanted to try but not necessarily splurge on, plus i could not resist one special glitter eyeshadow.

Cream eye shadows are so easy to use but not necessarily everybody’s preference. I prefer more cream eye shadows in a stick form but these three particular colors only came in small little pots. I picked up two base shades suitable for quick every day look and one shimmery sparkle for gloomy days that need more sparkle. Kiko does not name their products instead they number them so here so keep that in mind. Kiko Cream Crush in number 10 is this light and bright peachy orange color. I thought that this color will look really nice and bright on the eyes especially during spring and summer. The color instantly adds brightness and make you look more awake. When it comes to pigmentation this color looks far more pigmented then it actually is. On the eyes it just gives a nice wash of settle peachy color. Next in line is number 11 which is a bit more sparkly but essentially gives a very similar in effect on the eyes. The shade is combination if pink with prominent golden tones. Both colors are comes with small shimmering particles running throughout. Number 10 looks very settle and more natural, while number 11 delivers a bit more noticeable golden sheen.

Kiko Cream Crush cream eyeshadow review

Kiko Cream Crush in number 5 is for those who prefer anything but settle looks. There is a typical glitter eyeshadow with quite a big punch of light brown silver sparkle that really catches the eye. It is very easy to apply and blend making it perfect for on the go or as quick transformation before a night out.

Kiko Cream Crush are normally £6.90 but currently they are half off. There are 16 colors to pick from including many nudes and bold colors. Cream Crush eye shadows have mouse consistency, great pigmentation and quite good lasting power.