Affordable range of French clay masks you need to try

Affordable range of French clay masks you need to try

I’m no stranger to clay masks and so does my vaguely normal skin. I tried many variations of green clay, pink clay and regular type of clay masks that resulted in discovering some great products and really hating on others.On my recent trip to the French pharmacy I find a new range of clay masks containing some unexplored types of clay. These french clay mask combinations looked kind of promising but very affordable which is always a great place to start experimenting. Now, few weeks after religious use I can not live without both of them and here are my reasons why .

Cattier Paris clay mask come with a cult following. This is a drugstore and very affordable French pharmacy brand that does deliver great deal on quality. Their range of products are target different skin types and skin concern which makes the process of choosing the right product much easier. Cattier Clay Scrub with white clay and Aloe Vera (for all skin types) is claims to “refines skin texture and evens out the complexion”. The consistency reminds of a tick creamy lotion and comes with small not abrasive gritty particles. On the skin it feels quite nice but does take a bit of effort to completely wash off. After use my skin felt soft and clean with no redness or try/tight feeling left after it. To complete your face treatment the brand recommends following up with a clay mask and so I did.

Cattier Paris Clay Scrub White clay and Aloe Vera Cattier Clay Mask Yellow clay and witch hazel review

Cattier Clay Mask with yellow clay and witch hazel (for dry skin). When I first open the tube I was surprised as of how runny this clay mask is. I really needed to shake the tube properly to make sure all ingredients are properly mixed up. The consistency is light and thin, which makes application quite quick and fuss free. The color of this mask is indeed nice beige tint of yellow that looks like a foundation but quickly dries out to a lighter shade. After use (I left it on for about 10 minutes) my sensitive skin was indeed red but minutes later it calmed down again feeling soft, clean and not dry. As a rule of thumb I always follow up with serum or moisturizer. After my quick two step detox, manually extracting nay black heads or congested arias was very easy. My skin was softened enough to make this process easy and most importantly pain free.

This two-step clay routine has quickly become part of my weekly pamper routine. I love how easy it is deep clean my skin and results i get close to salon type of quality. The amazingly low price point of this products is also something to consider.I did a few other blog post discussing pink clay and green clay masks including some great recommendations.