Aquatic notes and masculine scents

Aquatic notes and masculine scents

With little to none knowledge about the brand, assuming and judging from the beautiful packaging I end up picking up one the Bronnley England Eau Fraiche perfume bottles. All five available scents were quite musky, masculine and measured at the same time which was quite intriguing in combination with the very affordable price. In case you are on the lookout for update your fragrance or just an affordable present this range is definatelly the one to give it a try.

Bronnley London Electric Elements

Some researched revealed that Bronnley England has years of heritage and experience in making fragrance and soaps. This new Eclectic Elements collection is their latest perfume line with completely revamped affordable-luxury-type-of-packaging. The scents in the collection are based on the five elements of earth, water, air, fire and aether. Citrine Lagoon is my personal favorite and was inspired by the element of water. Fragrance notes include: Grapefruit, Lemon, Marine Accord, Sea Lavender, Pink Pepper, Jasmine, Vetiver, Amber and Musk. To me the scent feels very masculine and strong, with prominent notes of lavender and sea salt. This combination of notes also reminds me of some very sexy high end men perfume. For the price I’m pleasantly surprised of the combination and layering of fragrance notes that made the scent so unique.

Bronnley Cirtine Lagoon fragrance

I assumed that it is unisex and purchase it for myself. The formula is Eau Fraiche which implies very little concentration of perfume oil and therefore not so long lasting results. On my skin this fragrance was completely gone in just a few hours but surprisingly some of my clothes carried the scent quite well. I quite like Citrine Lagoon as everyday scent especially in the colder months when we all need a bit of warmth, calm and salty punch to keep us going.

Bronnley England Eclectic Elements Eau Fraiche fragrance retails for about £15 for 30ml while the Eau de Toilette is 35 for £50ml.