Babylis rotating brush is one smooth operator

Babylis rotating brush is one smooth operator

I am really crap at styling my own hair. Every time I attempt to follow hair tutorials and mimic the quick & easy steps to perfect blow dry at home, I just fail miserably. I started looking at hair tools that cound improve my hair game i found myself surrounded by a sea of hair styling tools that sometimes look a bit unnecessary. Nevertheless, i pickd just one and rested all my hopes on it.BaByliss Big Hair Rotating Styler 42mm looked like the right combination – hair dryer and rotating round hair brush, all in one. This is probably one of the most well reviewed hair styling products out there that made me believe that maybe I can achieve salon quality hair in the actual confort of my own home. Well i moved a step colose to it.

BaByliss Big Hair Rotating Styler review

Ease of use
Preparation is key at this point. First i rough dry my hair for about 70% -80% with a normal hair dryer. Then i devided my hair in sections and worked my way. This BaByliss rotating brush has three temperature settings – two regulating heat (medium and high) and one for cooling. If your hair is ticke use the higher heat setting. The brush head rotates both directions, to the left and right. Bristles are soft and product is easy to grip and handle. It works on the same principle as using a round brush minus trying to balance a heavy hair dryer. It takes me about 15 minutes to style completely my mid length hair. The barrel is 42mm which is not too big nor small, just perfect for creating bouncy loose curls.

My hair is fine, naturally wavy, hardly hold any curl for more than a day (unless I spray half a can of hair spray on my hair) and lacks volume. Over the years I’ve tried many hair style products, some of which did helped but truth to be told I do struggle to maintain the shape and style of my hair the way I want it to. BaByliss Big Hair Rotating Styler did helped me more a step closer to perfect-every-day-hair moments. It took me about 3 times to get a hang of it and frankly I’m glad that I did. The results are polished looking blow dry with minimum effort. After using this product my hair is smooth and straight. Personally I prefer more natural looking loose curls, so every other small hair section I will do in the opposite rotating direction (ex. two to the left, one to the right). Achieving volume on mid to long hair is near imposible. It is hard to properrly grip hair at the roots and therefore achieve any volume. I’ve seen tutotials on using this product on shorter hairstyles such as above the color collarbone and it really works wonders. Here is a good one by Gemma Tomlimson (watch video below).

BaByliss Big Hair Rotating Styler 42mm is a great product for short and mid length hair. if your hair is long this product is definatelly not for you.It will potentially  get too tangled in the rotating head and rusilt in hair pulling and frustration.Nevertheless, this is product is a great hair hack I would highly recommend trying (short and mid length hair only).