BB vs CC cream but what about Tinted moisturizers

BB vs CC cream but what about Tinted moisturizers

It can make your head spin when it comes to BB vs CC cream. And to make it even more complicated there another similar category products –  tinted moisturizers. At first glance they all look the same in term of consistency and effect on the skin. Tinted moisturizes are meant to moiturize your skin and give some extra tinted glow to your skin. Beauty Balms (reed BB creams) are one of those multi-function products, normally combining serum, moisturizer and tint. Color Corrector tinted balms (reed CC creams ) are targeting even skintone. All three type of products have added SPF protection, where CC creams tend to take the lead on that front.

In the end of the day you just want fuss free lightweight cream/balm that can add some worth to your face. No mirrors no brushes just quick results. Well there is hope. I took three holy grail products from each category and learned from the best.

BB vs CC creamBB CC tinted moisturizer

Estee Lauder Day Wear BB Anti-Oxidant Beauty Benefit Creme – it comes in different shades, which is always a plus. When purchasing products from the drugstore there is no such luxury. Applies smooth and gives light to medium coverage. It does not cover well any imperfection such as skin redness, freckles or tiredness under the eyes. I found that after a few hours my dehydrated skin tends to eat this products on parts, leaving you with a patchy coverage look. Also it takes some time to sinks into the skin. When applied with a make up brush sometimes leaves a bit of streaky.

Chanel Complete Correction – this is product can probably substitute foundation all together.Great medium coverage combines with illuminating dewy finish. For covering stubborn problem arias like under the eyes you are better off going straight in with a good concealer. For the rest of it this product works well just fine. I applied it both with my fingers and a brush, the effect is absolutely the dame. It lasts all day and feels very comfortable on the skin. It comes in one universal color, which for very pale complexions might not be ideal. Nevertheless this is a great product and probably my favorite from the bunch.

Estee Lauder DayWear Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer – I have very few words to say about this product simply because is it nothing that special. It has a very light texture and gives a bit of warmth to your complexion. Considering the price of it i would recommend sticking for a cheaper alternatives like Garnier Miracle Skin cream (you can find a full review here).

In summery – if you are looking for a medium coverage stick to CC creams, light coverage – go for BB creams, for a bit of tint and no coverage – tinted moisturizers. So who wins in the battle BB vs CC cream. All votes goes to CC creams. Better value for money and great light medium coverage.