Beach distractions

Beach distractions

It makes me sad to realize that the reading books is not by choice but as a consequence of being stuck on plane or beach with no internet. Here are two Italian inspired  treasures I discovered while browsing through the Amazon best sellers, fiction category.

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter review

Beautiful Ruins, Jess Walter is a very well written and dynamic story filled with intricately crafted interrelationships between characters. The story shifts back and forward between a remote Italian cost where life is detached from anything modern and the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. The author takes you on journey of a guy falling in love with a total stranger and perusing his feelings a decade later. Their love is impossible at first.He he is poor young innkeeper and she is a beautiful American actress about to become famous. The story travels trough time and presents many relatable obstacles. The author introduces several interesting supporting characters. Their personal journeys are well written and there always the narrative of self-doubt and self-growth. Overall the core story is about romance but this is not your typical Cinderella story. Beautiful Ruins is engaging and relatable making it a memorable summer reed that I highly recommend.

Alfa Romeo 1300 and other miracles review-r35

Alfa Romeo 1300 and other miracles Favio Bartolomei is incredibly entertaining to reed. This is probably the funnies book I’ve read in a while. The story is about three very average self-centered Italian man with poor social skills but some ambition. Believing that they all deserve better in life Claudio, Fausto and Sergio take on a new project that will reinvent their lives for good – setting up agritourist bed and breakfast. None of them have the skills nor the experience in running a bread and breakfast and that’s where the fun begins. There are so many situations where the characters are set up for failure just because of the inability to practically judge the situation. As the story unveil there are more interesting characters that (in)voluntary join the notorious trio some of which is a Italian mobster himself. This is a fantastic read that despite being uncontrollably funny also carries a few positive affirmations to remember it by.