Beard economy, beard popularity and trends


While browsing the internet for educational yet easy to consume content I stumbled across the controversial topic of beard popularity. In a recent video by Vox, a respective general news website, the economic trends of beard popularity were thoroughly examined and explained. In short facial hair used to be a symbol of authority and success in society. Recent evidence points out that we are entering a new cycle of events where long facial hair will fall out of style and clean shave will be on the rise. Immediately I thought to myself finally and thank you universe. I don’t know about you but I’m not a big fan of sandpaper rubbing against my cheek. That combined with my compulsive shopping behavior send me straight to curating a new shaving essentials for the important man in my life.

For the next decade, researchers predict a steady drop in popularity of facial hair. A clean shaven look is once again going to be perceived as rare, therefore more attractive and even viewed as a sign of prosperity. Excited about the prospects of quick and easy social validation I decided to condition the mind of my man and persuade them to clean shave more often. Currently on the market, there is a sea of men grooming basics complimented by an ocean of a rather extravagant shaving “essentials”. The choice of shaving staple items is way too overwhelming for the average guy who does his clothes shopping in one hour from two shops. Now I know the reason why the same type of razor, usually in vibrant colors combinations such as pearlescent navy and electric orange or florescent green, continues to lurking in my monochromatic style bathroom. Determinate to offer a helping hand, I did a considerable amount of research into reasonably priced consumer favorites. Here are some few consistent winners that were worth sharing. According to a recent article by Esquire the best and also the cheapest way to shave is using a safety razor. One of their all-time favorites is made from Merkur, a German razor manufacturer since 1896. These type of razors are a one-time investment and  Merkur offers few models to choose from starting from about £23-£55. The look of this type of razors is very classic and chic, making it perfect contender for being displayed outside the bathroom cabinet. Next, on my shopping list was shaving cream-L ‘Occitane got it covered. They have a good range of gels, regular and rich shaving creams for about £16-£20. If your man decides to use shaving cream you might get him a good looking shaving brush. Edwin Jagger shaving brushes with badger hair range from £22-£90 and offer a good variety of colors and quality. they even offer one of these stylish old school looking chic shaving sets holding a razor and brush.

Hope to have inspired you where to look for stylish shaving essentials or at least start a new conversation topic on your coffee break.

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