Benefits of green clay mask vs regular clay

Benefits of green clay mask vs regular clay

Oil control, congested skin, lacking plumpness are all skin concerns that can be resolved by applying face mask. Benefits of green clay mask cover all bases but before you run out the door buying any clay mask that comes your way here are a few tips on how to get best results no matter what skin type you have.

I have normal to dry skin with occasional oiliness around my nose and chin aria.Durring summer months my skin tends to be transition on the oilier side which is a sign for me to change my skincare routine.Introducing clay masks twice a week really help me keep oiliness at bay and maintain my skin clean and less congested. There are several types of clay masks including regular, made of green or pink clay. I dedicated a separate blog post to the benefits of pink clay so now I’ll only discuss regular vs green clay face mask.

Hema Clay Face Mask is a great budget alternative for more acne prone skins. It is a basic clay mask with some moisturizing ingredients that are not hydrating enough to not irritate sensitive skin complexions. This clay mask has smooth and creamy consistency and instruction call for only leaving it on for 3-5 minutes. Results are visible but very minimal compared to some of the other facemask mentioned further in this blog post.

Lush BB Seweed face mask review

LUSH BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask is a freshly made clay based face mask aiming to calm and soften the skin. The ingredients include far more suiting and calming ingredients make it best of both worlds. The consistency is tick and grainy with some big chunks of seaweed blended throughout. I put it on for about 10 minutes and waited impatiently for the results. After use my skintone was very even and oilier arias appeared less congested but overall my skin felt a bit tight and dry. This is a good and very mild clay mask alternative but since it is freshly made it does expires in two weeks, so keep that in mind.

Apivia Face mask with green clay review

Apivita Deep Cleansing Face Mask with Green Clay is my favorite clay mask of the bunch. Green clay is not as harsh as regular clay but does tend to have the same effect on the skin. The consistency is light and almost mouse like, which makes it very easy to apply. After use my skin was visibly less congested and plum without feeling tight and dehydrated. Also on touch my face felt super soft.