Unexpected benefits of using boar bristle brush every day

Unexpected benefits of using boar bristle brush every day

Picking up the right hair brush and knowing how to use it can take a bit of research. There are always burning questions like why should I invest in a fancy hair brush or what is the difference between plastic, nylon and boar bristles. Since my fine hair tends to be particularly tangley I was in desperate need to find the right type of hair brush. Many trails and errors combined with hours of research led to be discover few unexpected boar bristle brush benefits I could not pass on

Caught in the moment and obsessing over the effortlessly chic white packaging (so Parisian right?) I broke my rule and fall for two irresistibly good looking hair brushes from Balmain Paris Hair Couture. Balmain hair range covers hair care and styling products also including styling tools and even elaborate hair extension range. Attracted by the clean packaging and promise for maximum results I not only purchase styling tools but a few hair care products (read my review of some great deep conditioning products). Back to hair styling, I’m notorious for being really crap at styling my hair so after many trails and errors I realized that investing a bit more in quality hair brushes does make a difference. Especially if you have dry and color treated hair. A good hair brush helps detangle hair in less harming way (causing less hair breakage and flyaways) and calms split ends (smoother ends so split ends are less noticeable) which helps the overall hair look.

Balmain Boar Brush review

For my fine and color treated hair boar bristles come with just the right amount of stiff flexibility needed for achieving smooth and shiny hair look. This brush comes with wooden handle and 100% natural boar bristles, tightly packed together and on stacked on multiple levels (combination of long and short bristles). The brush grabs the hair and brushes trough in one motion without scratching or initiating my scalp. I find the small size very practical and compact and as easy to use as any other wider competitor. Fun fact boar brushes works great with brushing trough hair extensions. My second brush splurge was on Balmain’s Small Round Ionic Brush 35mm perfect for short or mid length hair. This round brush has a lightweight ceramic barrel and comfortable handle for better control. The bristles are tightly packed and easily grab onto hair from the roots, great for adding volume. This brush it does not get too hot and manages to really help hair smoothens and prevent fly-aways. It is really easy to use and even inexperienced person like me can create quite decent blow-dry.

Balmain Round Ionic Brush 35mm review

Balmain Paris Hair Couture Boar Brush costs about £15 which is a total bargain in comparison to other all natural brushes. Small Round Ionic Brush 35mm is about £17, which again is quite reasonable for the quality of product. Best to get Balmain hair products from their main website since they seems to be much cheaper compared to some big retailers.If you are looking to splurge on some other type of hair brushes, like the one from Mason Pearson . In recent blog post i also reviewed some more Balmain hair care products