Benefits of using marula oil for dry skin

When it comes to natural oils, investing time in research can reveal your next best beauty secret. Pure natural oils are also praised low to mid-range which makes them far more attractive alternatives to high-end serums and creams. Searching for my next best beauty obsession I came across one very understated and yet incredibly effective natural oil. The use of Marula oil for dry skin is supposed to be quite nourishing and effective bringing back the natural balance of the skin. Weeks after a regular use of Marula oil based products I can finally admit that it has become my next big beauty obsession and here few reason why you should try it too.
First and foremost let’s shatter some good old myths surrounding beauty oils. I like many others used to be quite scared of using (natural) oils. Often I find that many natural oils fail to deliver when it comes to lightweight and easily absorbent formula that does not clog pores. There are lightweight natural oils which absorb quickly and does not leave a greasy residue on the skin. Oils can also help battle breakouts and protect the skin from harsh weather.
Marula oil has an incredibly lightweight formula and it contains high levels of antioxidants and it is rich in fatty acids that help skin hydrate, cells renew and fight against the damaging effects of the environment. I was surprised to discover that Marula oil contains four times more Vitamin C (Vitamin C helps the production of collagen, which is essential for skin renewal and elasticity.) than an orange and it has 60% more antioxidants compared to Argan oil. Marula oil is extracted from the fruits of Marula trees that grow in rural communities in South Africa. Marula oil is also often found in face creams, body moisturizers, and hair treatments.

Marula Pure Beauty Oil review

For my first ever experience I decided to go for a brand that prides themselves on their high-quality standards and have a wide range of natural products containing marula oil as their main ingredient. Marula Pure Beauty Oil is a brand that also supports and subsidies local communities in Africa and Madagascar harvesting pure marula oil.
Browsing through their range I was surprised to discover variations of face oils, cleansers, eye creams and even self-tan products. Two particular products grab my attention – the award-winning Pure Marula Facial Oil and the Pure Marula Cleansing lotion. So far I continuously used both products for a bit over three weeks now which gave me plenty time to harvest noticeable results and play around with the textures. On a side note, both products came with super luxe and practical packaging which made the whole experience a bit more special.

There were two particular products from Marula Pure Beauty Oil that caught my eye. Starting with the order of application I picked up Pure Marula Cleansing Lotion that promised a softer and smoother looking skin. This is a quite interesting product that to me sits somewhere between a face lotion and a face mask. Directions call for applying on dry or damp skin, then massaging the product gently and rinsing it with water. On days when I don’t wear minimal makeup I would use this product directly on my dry skin as a first and only cleanse before applying serum or face cream. If I wear full coverage foundation I tend to use this product as a second cleanse. On the label, there are no claims that it does remove makeup, although it does do a fine job. The consistency comes as runny and easy to work into the skin. It has a light “natural product” type of smell that is not overly perfumed and very inoffensive. Also, one of the best qualities of this product are that it does not irritate my sensitive skin, left any oily residue or tight/drying feeling after use. In terms of results, even after the first use, my dry skin felt unbelievably soft and smooth on touch. After using this cleanser for three weeks now, I can testify that results after use are very consistent. I absolutely love using this product especially on days when my skin is not looking at its best. I feel this product can work for all skin types because of its gentle and suiting formula.

Pure Marula clensing oil lotion review

The award-winning Omega-Rich Pure Marula Oil was next on my list to try. I find it very rare these days that products that claim to be all pure and 100% natural contain far more than two or three ingredients. Looking into the ingredient list of this face oil I was delighted to discover only two ingredients which as very reassuring. Once again I was blown away by the consistent results and suiting feeling that leaves on the skin. I find this oil quite unique simply based on the incredibly lightweight formula. Although this is a face oil it absorbs as quickly as a regular moisturizer and it leaves the skin feeling hydrated and nourished. I find it especially effective applied as a protective layer under or even mixed small amounts with my daily moisturizer. After regular use, I find that it really lock in the skin moisture and help my overall complexion look less dry and dehydrated. Also, I did not shy away from using this oil on the oiler areas on my face. So far I did not experience any breakouts or clogged pores which testify to the supreme quality of this product.
So far my experience with this natural oil was nothing but positive. Marula oil for dry skin is very effective. I do believe that the success of this experience is also down to the brand and their high quality of products. Personally, I highly recommend Marula Pure Beauty Oil products and will definitely pick up to try few more of their indulgent products. If you are interested into reading more reviews on face oils check out my latest article covering the effects of using Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit & Seed Oil Blend.