Best fake tan gel formula

Best fake tan gel formula

I was never into fake tanning until I was constantly feeling some sort of peer pressure from all the amazing honey/golden skin glow bodies I encounter on every corner. Introducing fake tan every Sunday really help me feel better and boost my confidence especially after I realized that my only long sun holiday this year is scheduled for December!

Over the continuous process of try and error I managed to narrow down my ideal color (light to medium) and consistency (cream or gel). This are also my fake tan tips for you – narrow down the consistency you feel more confidant doing a great job applying. For my far skin and beginners technique (i guess) i much prefer gradual lotions and gels vs mouse and express tan type of products. I’ve tried high and low budget alternatives and finally found The One (I think) –  Xen-Tan Luminous Gold Gel.

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The formula is lightweight, has no district color and smells like exotic vacation and coconut. The clear gel is mixed up with (many) small gold particles that are very easy to wash away and develops after about 4-5 hours. At first I thought that application can and will be challenging since it this product has clear consistency. Instead my lack of application technique was undetectable and my tan develop surprisingly even. Normally I apply it in the evening and wake up with nice settle shade of light medium brow skin glow. Best part about this product is that there is no color transfer, no sticky feelings or heavy biscuit smell. The results are definitely noticeable but nothing more than the marginal two shades deeper than my normal skin color. To add to the experience there were a few gold reflective particles left on my skin which much like after applying one of the ever popular summer shimmery body oils. The results were very long lasting and after about 6 days I notice that my color stated fading a bid (golden particles were long gone at that stage).

Currently on my second tube (sneak peak of my product emptied for this month!) this is hands dawn my most preferred tanning product to date. Do you have favorite Xen-Tan product? Let me know in the comments below.