Best on budget Bourjois Rouge Velvet

Best on budget Bourjois Rouge Velvet

I did not see it coming but the reality is that one of my top five holly grail lipstick comes from the drugstore. Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition took a very well deserved spot right there at the top. Let me explain why.

Once upon a time Chanel had a similar range of product called Rouge Allure Laque (i actually still had one in my collection so i can compare). This range of Bourjois liquid lipsticks remained me of them. Chanel Rouge Allure Laque had a glossy finish and had tendency to smudge quite a bit. Once on the lips it moved a lot and because of it did not lasted very long. With that i mind i am brave enough to announce that this new Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition is far more user and budget friendly version of the same lipstick.

Bourjois Rouge Velvet

Bourjois Rouge Velvet eddition pink pong

Bourjois Rouge Velvet frambourjoise

Rouge Velvet has tick and matte consistency (only major difference between this and Chanel’s range). The color range cover all bases from brings to muted ashy colors and of course a good old everyday nudes.I was instantly attracted to Pink Pong which is a bright fuchsia pink. On the lips the color does stand out but because it matte it looks very polished. Another great choice is Frambourjoise, which i find is a strange name for a muted red lipstick. This color is very suitable if you are somewhat afraid of that bright red lipstick. It has a very flattering red tones that are settle. This lipstick is so easy to wear. It really sticks to your lips and stays there until you decide it is no longer needed.

I am absolutely amazed my the quality of Bourjois Rouge Velvet lipstick formula. This matte liquid lipsticks lasts a very long time and have a great color pay off- what more can you ask for?