95% natural skin care products are just as good

95% natural skin care products are just as good

Skincare routine is very personal and choosing between natural and hi-tech beauty products totally depends on personal preference. Organic and natural skin care products seems to be more heavily endorsed as the better choice in the media but can they perform as good as their lab based competitors? My experience with natural and organic product hasn’t been particularly positive but keeping open mind I manage to discover few excellent skincare brands that are about 95 % natural.

Before looking into the science of pure natural ingredients effectiveness I indulged in a simple trial and error type of experiment that led to few interesting findings. After using only blends of natural based products for a week straight, my skin looked less plum and hydrated. Driven by my fussy genetics I have no choice but to spend more time and money on sophisticated skincare formulas while still trying to keep it all natural. Here are few of the hero products that stood out in my weeks of trails.

MV Organic Skincare Jojoba oil Skin Owl Eye Nourishing and Youth stimulating Eye Concentrate

Omorovicza although not all natural brand since some of their product include Retinol, supplies a good range of products that are free from silicones, parabens and sulphates among other “nasty” ingredients. It is a great in between luxury brand to consider since products like Rejuvenating Night Cream and Queen of Hungary Mist really does make visible difference on the skin.

MV Organic Skincare uses high concentrations of quality organic ingredients and one of their hero products is Pure Jojoba oil. It is great for dry and itchy skin conditions as well as acne-prone skins. This is a great natural oil to use under moisturizer or as a treatment at night.

Skin Owl is another brand very similar to Omorovicza in terms of using natural ingredients.Their Eye + Nourishing and Youth stimulating Eye Concentrate is a great lightweight eye cream that really helps tighten and de-puffs the under eye aria. It has a light cucumber scent gel like texture that feels very refreshing especially if you store it the fridge.

Humphreys Cucamber Melon witch Hazel Redness Reducing Facial Tonner review

Humphreys uses botanical formulas combined with witch hazel (plant based ingredient that helps with skin irritation and inflammation).  Humphreys Cucamber Melon witch Hazel Redness Reducing Facial Tonner is a great natural and inexpensive face tonner that do managed to quickly calm the skin. It is fairly expensive and worth including to any skincare routine.

Some famous skincare professional once mention that a skincare routine that does not include any (electrical) tool is outdated. From experience I can tell that there is quite a bit of truth is this saying. One of my favorite electrical tools I came across is Foreo Mini (full review here). It is a great one time investment that gently but effectively helps clear any congested arias.