Peach lipstick and new Bourjois Paris lip crayons

Peach lipstick and new Bourjois Paris lip crayons

On my recent trip to the drugstore I picked up few new bits some of which was these Bourjois Color Boost Lips crayons. I was looking for every day peach lipstick shade that will suit my pale skin but instead I found easy to wear and very low maintenance lip crayons. Especially during the hot summer days when you just want a careless hint of color on your lips. Now onto the review.

The formula of these lip crayons is very buttery, it glides on well and is very forgiving if your lips like mine are not in top shape. On application it feel comfortable and hydrating on the lips while delivering a settle hint of color. Bourjois Color Boost Lips crayons also come with SPF15, which does some help to prevent dry and flaky lips. Each color has somewhat good lasting power but does require re-application every couple of hours. It fades quite gradually which is convenient if you can not remember to re-apply regularly.

Bourjois color boost lip crayons Red Sunrise review

Red Sunrise translates as light pinky/cherry red color that matches its packaging. The formula is quite sheer and on the lips it gives a settle sheen of rosy color. Peach on the beach translates into the perfect every day peachy nude shade. It is one of those nude colors that you can slap on even without using mirror and it will still look good.

Bourjois Color Boost Lips crayons come in six very wearable shades perfect for fuss free type of days or just on the go.