Best picks form Show Beauty Lux Volume Range

Adding volume and adding body to my fine hair and two of my main hair concerns.Moving away from the typical hair styling products promoting instant root lift and full body I decided to try for the first time a volume shampoo and conditioner. As self-pronounced hair snob, I picked up few products from Show Lux Volume Range plus their repair treatment hair mask that I had my eyes on for ages. After a few weeks of regular use, there are definitely a good few tips worth mentioning when it comes to volume shampoo and conditioner.

Till now I was not really familiar with the concept of volume shampoo or conditioner. Common sense dictates that both products will add volume to hair but my anxious brain start spinning with questions like how much volume are we talking about, do you need to use both products to achieve results and will they replace the usual hair root lift sprays that I’m used to??? My hair is fine and limp, easy to weigh down by products. It is also colour treated which make it dry and not a great contender for regular(daily) heat styling. Volume shampoos and conditioners are meant to be a 2 in 1 type of product -cleaning and/or conditioning your hair while adding volume. The volume properties are normally activated by heat application which is the same basic principle behind a typical root lift hair styling spray. Ready to put this (new to me) hair revolution to the test I exclusively committed to Show Lux Volume Range for about a month now. I tried each product individually and together in order to find the best possible combination.

show beauty volume lux range shampoo conditioner

Show Beauty Lux Volume Shampoo is a protein based product that really worked well with my hair type and texture. This shampoo is meant to lift the roots and deliver supreme bounce and fullness. To be honest I wasn’t really convinced as of to what extent this product will replace some of my alternative hair styling products that add volume from the roots. It never actually occurred to me that a shampoo can clean properly my hair and give a good amount of volume at the same time (I have a thing about products claiming to do a million things and barely delivery on one). In this instance, I kept an open mind and I’m glad I did. This volume shampoo functions great as a shampoo (it cleans hair well, does not strip hair or leave it feeling squeaky clean) but also gives a moderate volume in the roots and a bit of texture. Unlike some other cheaper drugstore alternatives I’ve tried in the past this product does add a moderate amount of volume withing leaving hair feeling sticky or dirty after wash.My fine hair was not overwhelmed and weighed down when applying additional products such as my usual heat protection spray and some dry oil. My hair was left with a bit of a grip at the hair roots which made the volume last a good couple of days. Hair did not feel sticky or got greasier quicker than normal. If you are a bit lazy like me and want to add some light texture and volume this is a great product to try. Also, it works great on any hair type (fine or thick hair types).

Show Beauty Repair Treatment Mask review

Me and Show Lux Volume Conditioner did not become best friends. On its own, this product was not hydrating enough to manage my dry and coloured treated hair. I tried it in conjunction with Show Beauty Repair Treatment Mask but my hair was left very flat, which to me it is an indication of my hair being overloaded with products. If your hair is very dry like mine perhaps using this product after an overnight hair mask or treatment will work best. It did leave a considerable amount of shine which was plus. When it came to added volume it did deliver. The mid length and ends of my hair felt more voluminous and were left with a good amount of hair texture. I have to say that on day two and three my hair progressively started to look much better. When used together with Show Beauty Lux Volume Shampoo the volume in my hair was definitely turned to the max. I think that the two products used together best deliver significant results, no other styling product managed to do so.

Show Beauty Repair Treatment Mask is a protein based hair mask formulated to strengthen and deeply nourish hair. Few things need to be mentioned first – this product is pink, smells like candy and also it comes in a very understated and chic jar packaging with no labels. I really do appreciate when a hair care brand realises that products which are bound to live in the shower start looking battered after about two weeks of use. I found that by eliminating any labels that can peel off, using darker plastic containers that show less wear and tear, there is a good chance my bathroom stash of products looks a bit more put together.

Show Lux Volume Range review

Moving on to the actual properties of this hair mask. It has a lightweight creamy texture is easily absorbent, unlike other repair hair treatments I’ve tried in the past. For me, that was one of the properties that really made me like and then love more and more this hair mask. Once on it really feels that my hair is absorbing all the ingredients instead of just being lightly coated. A good tip I discovered over the years is that protein-based hair masks are great saviours for coloured and quite dry hair textures. Adding protein to hair deeply nourish dry and brittle hair leaving it hydrated, smooth and shiny. This is exactly what this hair mask does. This mask takes away the majority of dryness and lives hair feeling hydrated and healthy. After use, my hair definitely looked shinier and was easier to style and manage. Personally, I like that immediate gratification from seeing results even after a single use. Thank how I judge if a product is worth your while and if it will be missed in the long run. So far I’ve been using this mask for a bit over two weeks now and really like how it transforms my hair into a shiny, healthy looking lob.