Best value makeup brush set for under £20

Best value makeup brush set for under £20

I was always green in envy when beauty mavens from USA raved about the amazing quality and price of Morphe Brushes, but not anymore. They are here, available in UK and best of all as equally affordable. Majority of the available product selection consist of value makeup brush sets  which works out great since you can get your hands on a new brush for as little as £1,75. This is great if you are starting up with makeup or just want some new budget friendly makeup bits to play with.   

I just could not resist this bright and beautiful 10 Piece Vegan Brush Set that also come in a compact brush pouch. Apart from the bright colors I was really drawn to this particular set because it was really well thought of. Each brush is complimenting the next and together they make a perfect combination of eyes and face brushes that you can possibly need to create a complete makeup look. Starting from small to large size you get:

  • Oval Lip Brush
  • Pointed Liner,
  • Angle Liner Brush,
  • Concealer Brush,
  • Oval Fluff Brush,
  • Chisel Fluff Brush,
  • Deluxe Eye Shadow Brush,
  • Flat Oval Foundation Brush,
  • Tapered Blush Brush and
  • Tapered Powder Brush

Morphe Brushes set review

Morphe Brushes 680 review

The quality of this brushes is amazing – the handle feel nice and hefty, bristles feel super soft. For quality comparison I picked few similar shapes high end brushes from Bobbi Brown and also some much loved Zoeva Brushes. On the skin Morphe Brushes feel ten times softer than Bobbly Brown, but one thing is worth mentioning – the bristles are not as densely packed. Compared to Zoeva they looked like a very similar quality but again felt much more softer and pleasant on the skin.

favourite vegan morphe brushes makeup set

My favorite picks from the bunch are the Concealer Brush which I use for applying eye shadow are really pack that color on my eyelids, the Deluxe Eye Shadow Brush which is the perfect size for precisely blending eye shadow, Pointed Liner brush simply because it has more bristles that grab onto product. Other favorites are the Tapered Blush Brush for applying bronzer because it works perfect for the size of my face, Chisel Fluff Brush which works great for contouring and last but not least Oval Lip Brush is perfect for applying bold lipstick. Something quite unique is that all brushes from this set are flat at the base, even the blush and powder brush. After using them for every day about a week now I decided to run another test and see how they hold off after a good of brush clean. I used my usual brush cleaner soap and let them to dry overnight. In the morning all brushes were as fluffy and soft as I first got them, which was a great relieve!

Morphe Brushes (680) 10 Piece Vegan Brush set cost £18.25 from Beauty Bay and also come with a well made pouch.  It works well as a present, indulgent buy or just as a makeup brush set for travel. What else can you ask for?