Black Friday – my online shopping journey

Black Friday – my online shopping journey

There is a time, typically once a year when shops slash the prices in half for one day only.Black Friday!!! Everything becomes affordable, reachable, possible. But there is a problem. Not everyone have the life skill of elbow pushing and the ability to come on top during unsupervised verbal altercation with people who have  decided to shop on the same day.  Just the though of physically fighting over eyeshadow quad or mascara is really not my cup of tea.  Like with everything in life there are always a half decent solutions for your problems/struggles  also known as technology.

I woke up this morning mentally preparing myself and my bank account to place multiple orders online. My happiness levels were high unlike my patience.The idea of no squishing between people with questionable hygiene for hours  or dealing with a new shop employee who has not idea how to use the check out system was almost orgasmic at this point.

I had my eyes on several items online.Preparation is key for success on Black Friday. I typed in the website name and after a very long 30 second the content loaded up. Glorious 5o% off on everything i ever wanted was becoming possible. Then site crashed. Then it loaded up again and my first item went into my shopping cart. Then the website crash a couple more times. After a good while all my  highly desirable items were collected and i was ready for check out (also mentally). At this point a few (hundred)  times the webpage crashed and i was loosing my mind and but most of all my patience.

In short this is what was going on in my head:

–  You can do this!! I know you can. Remember to keep at at it and eventually THEY will give up first.

–  But how many times i need to refresh that bloody webpage.

– F$%^ my shopping bag is empty. No now i have to start again. F%& is not loading. ERORR! ERORR! ERORR! (my anger issues were kicking in at this stage)

– CALM DOWN. You know what it is not worthed. You can do without. It is just a sculpting powder OK!

– NO i will try again but this time with a different browser, on my iPad and on my iPhone all at the same time. Now take that!

(five minutes later i was getting somewhere, filling in my payment details)

– Oh yes! Score! You are coming with me today. On NO the order is wrong. I have to start all over again! Those are not my products. Shall i continue anyway or just let it go. LET IT GO.

– Wait on my phone seems to be loading quickly. Oh yes! Proceed to check out. Pay. Close that damn website and do not open it again for a week (ok, lets make it a day).

Mission Completed. For the record it took me 1 hour and 48 minutes to buy two products.Please share your Black Friday experience in the comments below. Your struggles will make me feel better….unless you did not have any which is also fine.