Brief guide to eye shadow brushes

Brief guide to eye shadow brushes

How to apply eyeshadow? Well owning the right tools really make the world of a difference. After many years application of struggle I’m absolutely convinced that in the batte of tools vs. skills chanses are about 50:50. By getting the right makeup brushes there is higher chance of achieving that effortless smoky eye and crease definition that makes the eye stood out. Evaluating my extensive collection of makeup brushes made me realize that I really do not need that many (38 to be exact). In fact I narrowed down to top 5 essential eye shadow brush shapes that are actually worth owning.
Majority of my makeup brushes are from Zoeva, Mac and Morphie Brushes, which are brands that carry quality products at somewhat affordable prices. If your budget does not allow getting the exact brushes I’m taking about, just make sure that you pay attention to the exact shape and density of each brush before you purchase any cheaper alternatives.
Eye shadow application brush
This is quite an essential brush especially if you tend to use less pigmented eye shadows. The shape is quite flat, wide and round at the top, making it perfect for packing the eye shadow color on your lids. You can apply any light and taupe eye shadow color all across the lid as precise of messy as you can, results will always be equally amazing. This type pf brush works well with cream eye shadow and can be often used for concealer too. If you own any of the Urban Decay Naked palettes you already have this great quality shadow brush. In case you don’t another great alternative is Mac 242.

eyeshadow brushes for application

2 blending brushes
Yes you do need two blending brushes not only for practical purposes. Blending brushes absorb quickly absorb eye shadow colors so unclean blending brush will affect the final results. Another great tip is that blending brushes are better used for blending only, so I tend to avoid applying crease colors with them. There are two most common shapes – round and fluffy and long and pointed. Mac 217 is a star buy when it comes to round and fluffy blending brushes. The shape of the bristles tend to grab on the right amount of product and with simple wiper type of motion seamlessly blend any harsh edges. My favorite long and pointed blending brush is Zoeva 228 crease. This particular shape is not only great for blending but also for defining the outer V-shape connecting my crease to the lash line. I actually own two of these and highly recommend it.
Smudger blush
This type of brushes are so versatile and probably the one type that delivers most impact. The shape can normally vary in length but apart from that it is round and pointed. On a lazy days I just go for a bit of smudged pencil eyeliner and that’s it, job done. In case you are not into pencil eyeliner this brush will transform your eye look too. Simply smudge a taupe or any crease color eye shadow close to your water line for creating a true smokey book. Two of my favorite smudger brushes are again from Zoeva 230 Luxe Pencil and 231 Luxe Petit Crease.

eyeshadow brushes for blending

Liner brush
If you are crap at applying liquid or pencil eyeliner this is your best chance for getting it right. This brush will transform any color eye shadow into precise eyeliner in seconds. Simply dip this brush in your eye shadow color of choice and apply it very close it the lash line. Wiggle the brush back and forward to really pack and lock the color. The shape of this brush comes with mid length, densely packed, flat bristles that are very straight at the top. My favorite is from Sephora Flat Eye Liner 20.

There you have it my top five eye shadow brushes that you need in your life. In case you are on the lookout for some makeup brush suggesting check my previous blog post here, here and here. Also not so long ago I wrote about my guide to foundation brushes.