8 bridal make up and hair regrets

When you start planning your wedding there are tons of beautiful pictures of the perfect wedding decorations, elaborate wedding dresses, dream venues and candid moments of beautiful couples. It all starts as with the great intention of looking for inspiration but in the end all that research turns into unrealistic expectations and deep disappointment. By definition, weddings are great celebrations of love that cost a fortune and almost always does not meet the bride’s expectations. Here are my top 8 bridal makeup and hair regrets I wish to have managed and planned for more properly.

There is no particular meaning to the order below, it is just a list of things that first came to my mind.

Don’t cut your hair at least 2-3 weeks before the wedding – I went to this new top hair stylist that had amazing reviews and lots of people were raving about. He did not cut much but added a few layers that proved to be very difficult to style during my bridal hair trial and on my wedding day.
Have your nails done one or two days before your wedding – since I had a destination wedding I got my nails done a week in advance with Shellac hoping they will last me a good while. On the day my wedding my nude nails look fine but had no shine and the color looked dull in pictures.
Wavy hair will drop within hours – if you go for hair down or half updo, chances are your hair will be flat within hours. With that in mind make sure that you use hair products with extra hold and carry a few hair grips and hairspray in your bag.hair extensions and hair sponges are ideal too even if you never dared to use any, they are worth it!
8 bridal make up and hair regrets Go for heavy duty when it comes to blush, highlight, and contour – there are going to be tons of pictures from any angle you can possibly imagine. Contouring can really help slim down your face, a highlight will give you extra glow and blush can add a bit of healthy rose flush of color to any complexion. I took more natural approach my contour and highlight. Trouble was that after a few hours of celebration my complexion started looking a flat since makeup wore off after just a few hours.
Do use fake tan even if your dress will get ruined – bronze people look more attractive and that’s is one of those undeniable facts of life. There is no need to go deep orange or more than two shades darker than your significant other. It is best to go for a settle glow of light bronze, about 2 days before the wedding and make sure there are no visible patches on the skin. If there are lemon juice if your savior. Do trail your spray tan of choice.
Go for individual instead of strip lashes – strip lashes can cause a shadow on pictures and can look very obvious and heavy on pictures. Eyelash extensions are great but do trail them and see how they look weeks before your big day.
Use lip liner at all costs – even if you go for long-lasting lipstick formula you will have to reapply your lipstick at least once during the day/night. Lip liner is more precise and really extends the wear of any lipstick.
Going unprepared for your hair trial – I’m not sure if you know but hairdressers change by the hour now by how many different styles they can do in that hour. Not knowing what hair style you want can really affect your designated budget for hair and makeup. Pictures are useful too but chances are your chosen hairstyles might not have good enough skill to recreate that beautiful half do with four different types of fish braids. Do your research on hairstyles that you feel comfortable with and try to match them to the skills of your hairstylist.
If you have any other useful bridal make up or hair regrets, please do share in the comments below. For more wedding related blog posts check what is in my bridal bag, wedding perfume and tips on picking wedding invitations.

Bangkok drugstore beauty haul

Visiting Thailand is always a treat. I find that Bangkok is the type of city that always leaves you in suspense, like you missed something big or skipped visiting some new aria that happened to be the hottest thing in town. The city always made me curious about what it has to offer and probably this is one of the main reason I keep going back. City secrets aside, there is also a great deal of shipping to be done. Bangkok offers a great mixture of Thai, Korean and Japanese products offered at any price point making shopping far more exciting. Here are my latest thai beauty finds.

Face care

Bifesta Moist Cleansing Sheets review

If you ever dared to splurge on Miji Unbleached cotton pads you will probably know that they are truly life changing. In Asia the same shape and thickness of cotton pads in kind of the bulk standard so any cheep brand will do. I purchased my cotton pads from Select 7 supermarket for something very close to 5p. They are amazing. I feel like every girl, deep inside love Hello Kitty. So it came as no surprise when I purchased Bifesta Moist Cleansing Sheets in the Hello Kitty limited edition. These are also drugstore and relevantly cheap alternative to the makeup wipes. What attracted me the most was the oil fee formula and convenient packaging (it comes with a sealed lid to keep the makeup towels moist for longer). Each sheet is generously moist and does the job well removing most make up (but not waterproof formulas).

Make up
Srichand power in translucent review

Taking off your makeup to keeping it on for longer, I discovered Srichand power in translucent, which is also claim to be the Thai dupe for Laura Murcier Translucent powder. In the packaging the powder looks a bit yellow and on the skin it does give a bit of brightening effect. It is very finely milled and melts into the skin in seconds. This powder is definitely worth picking up. Moving on to something more playful like The Bakery Macaron eye shadow. I only managed to picked up two colors because the rest was sold out. Looking back I really wish there were more available because I’m truly impressed how great they really are. The pigmentation is so strong, colors are very metallic, easy to layer and blend. No 6 Raspberry is dark burned orange type of color while No 10 Earl Grey is more of your typical caramel gold shade. I forgot to mention that they are very budged friendly too.

The Bakery Macaron No 10 Earl Grey No 6 Raspberry review

Majolica Majolica Lash Expander Edger Meister review

Majolica Majolica lash King review

I could not leave the country without purchasing mascaras. Majolica Majolica was the brand that seems to get the most attention in stores. I picked up Lash King which has tiny wand and Lash Expander Edger Meister which has flat plastic wand. Both mascaras target volume and length, and deliver on both fronts. The fomula of both comes with tiny fibers which stick to your natural lashes and help them appear fuller. From my last trip I remember the brand In2it and one amazing black eyeliner that was part of their range. Sadly I could not find it so instead I went for their black Gel Liner Pen in Waterproof. It came in a pack of two, so the second color I got was 06 perl (pearlescent pink). Both are super soft and glide on very easily on the skin. The pearlescent pink shade is not my favorite since it contains big chunks of shimmer which I tend to generally avoid.

Hope my latest thai beauty shopping haul was somewhat helpful and next time when you are around Asia you can also score some great drugstore make up gems.

How to get a tan at the beach and enjoy sunburn free holiday

You should use SPF every day, any day of the week, all year round! This is the type of advice any dermatologist or fashion/beauty magazine will give. However if you ask any close friend or all-year-round bronze goddess, I bet they will have a different opinion on the subject matter. The truth is that the difference between SPF factors is marginal and picking up SPF 30 is not going to provide double the protection compared to SPF 15. Picking up the right SPF protection combined with few useful tips on sun tanning can certainly give you the answer to burning questions such as how to get tan at the beach and avoid sunburn.

Sunbathing rules based on facts (beach edition):

Reapply sun lotion with SPF, UVA and UVB protection every two hours to stay protected from the sun
Reapply sun lotion after you get out of the water, even if you use a waterproof formula
Seek some shade after few hours of sunbathing on the beach/pool, every skin reaches tanning cut-off point when it physically can’t produce any more melanin.
Reflective sheets or towels, water, and sand attract the sun twice as much so apply sunscreen regularly
Sun can penetrate trough the clouds and cause sunburn, that’s why dermatologist recommend using sun protection every day.
Sun creams, lotions, and oils have an expiration date of 12 months only!
Know your UV rays:

UVA = causes premature aging. These rays are strong and do penetrate through clouds and windows.
UVB = causes the skin to burn. These rays are blocked my clouds and windows but they are responsible for skin cancers.

The science facts behind SPF protection:

SPF 15 = 93% UVB protection
SPF 30 = 97% UVB protection
SPF 50 = 98% UVB protection

During my recent sun holiday, I managed to use up few sun care products for both face and body. The combination of consistency and range in SPF factors really helped me achieve a nice bronze glow after only a week under the sun. I’m not saying you need five different sun lotions but it can certainly help topping up regularly and having two separate lotions for face and body. Also quality does vary per brand so be careful what you pay for.

Sun lotions with different SPF factors review

From left to right:

Vichy Ideal Soleil Velvety BB Cream SPF 50 is great tinted moisturizer that really does not work well if the weather is actually hot. The formulas slides and bunches quite a bit making it impossible to have an even application. Even when applied in the morning, after cleansing the consistency still does not sink in properly into the skin. Perhaps this is a great product for spring and the odd sunny day in autumn but certainly not for summer.

Biotherm Lait Solaire Sun Body Lotion SPF 30 is probably my most preferred SPF brand and lotion of choice. The formula sinks in quickly, leaving no white residue. It has a light fragrance and great packaging that never let me down. I never experienced any serious burns when using this product, assuming that I replied every hour or after being wet. One bottle like this shared between two people is enough to last for seven to ten days holiday.

Lancaster Sun Beauty Oil-Free Milky Spray SPF30 has a good formula but faulty packaging. I probably used about three bottles of this same lotion and the spray nozzle always seem to clog half way through. The formula is not as light weight as Biotherm lotions and does tend to be a bit stickier too. For some reason, I really wanted to like Lancaster sun range but unfortunately, five bottles after (yes that’s how much product I used up before completely giving up) I prefer to stick to Biotherm.

Hawaiian Tropic Spray Oil SPF 10 is a very popular dry tanning oil of choice. The formula is gel-like which is feels very comfortable during application. You can easily spot areas that miss just search for the matte piece of skin. It gives the skin distinct baby oil type of look that some love other hate. One thing I found is that if you don’t reapply regularly you will burn quite badly. In my experience, this rule goes for any type of oil tanning product.

Banana Boat Ultra Protect SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion is very inexpensive drugstore sun lotion that is really not that good. The formula is very hard to absorb into the skin and leaves while streaks even 30 min after application. In terms of protection it does a good job but honestly, I felt that I’m better off spending a bit extra and avoid the white streaks beach look.

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Product empties spring clean eddition part 1

Every so often we all need a bit of decluttering. It could be a life-changing experience with instant gratification and lasting feelings of lightness, sense of an achievement and possibly a new beginning. Other benefits include a permission to splash on a new wardrobe, after getting rid of four bin bags of clothes that were barely worn. Another benefit will be something to brag about at work or among peers, cleaning old cupboards or closets tends to be a task that is purposely avoided until final notice.Or maybe you like me have alarm bells in your head and every 3 months or so there is an uncontrollable itch to get rid of stuff. This time around iI aimed at clearing out my beauty cupboards. There were too many “suspects” that I needed to get rid off and once I started there was no stopping me, hanse this is only part one of my product empties spring clean edition.

Here is a small selection of half empty products lingering at the back of my bathroom shelves or makeup cupboards. I managed to finish some but others were well passed a point of even trying to salvage them. There is also a reoccurring theme including products that require a bit extra commitment when it comes to application and ending up being used only half way.

Product empties jo molone body cream rituals body scrub review

Jo Malone Wild Bluebell body cream was an expensive body cream that I bought for my wedding, two years ago. It was 3/4 used and the remaining product seems to be still reasonably ok to use. The reason I kept it was probably for sentimental value but realistically I was never going to use it up. This hefty jar was taking too much room so I got rid of it. The product itself was nice, but if memory serves me right I don’t think it was worth the splash of cash.

Omorovicza Glam Glow is one excellent gradual tan lotion. It develops very gradually and leaves no streaks. Even if you are very sloppy during application this self-tanning lotion won’t let you streak. It is a bit expensive but worth every penny, especially if you are not a pro at self-tanner and have a for a special occasion coming up.

St Tropez Gradual Tan In shower is great but does require several applications before a decent amount of colour shows on the skin. I probably used half of the tube and the novelty wore off. I think its great if you manage to put up with waiting for 5 minutes in the shower. if you are not fully committed don’t over bother testing it.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is a great hair mask but with slightly inconvenient instruction for application. You have to apply it 30-50 minutes or overnight before actually washing your hair. I’m a creature of habit and normally do a hair mask after shampoo and conditioner in the shower. Every time I remember that I have this hair mask it is already too late, so I end up barely using it. This is truly a great repairing hair mask that I will look into repurchasing one day, once my hair cannot take any more beating anymore. For now, i will stick to some other great alternatives I have on hand.

Product empties alpha h liquid gold diorshow mascara review

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Huile Lavante Bain is a great clarifying shampoo that once again I just keep on forgetting to use. It is not recommended for regular use but rather once or twice a month depending on how often you wash your hair. This shampoo does a great job stripping all the generated build up from hair products without leaving hair feeling squeaky clean. My problem with this product is that it takes forever to finish up this generous size bottle before it expires. No repurchase.

Essie Spa Starter Scrub is a great hand but more importantly foot scrub. It really brightens and softens skin in just a few seconds. I find it hard to find a good foot scrub at the drugstore. Most of them smell of some tropical fruit and are not very gritty which is kind of key. My favourite foot scrub is from Margarette Dabs which is quite pricey, but this little guy has totally replaced it. I will definitely repurchase.

Alpha H Liquid Gold was once of those hyped up products at the time. Basically, it is a glycolic asset that worked well with my complexion until my skin got used to it and I stopped seeing results. I don’t think I will be repurchasing this product since there are cheaper and as effective alternatives at the drugstore.

Product empties Majorica Majorca lash king review

Soap & Glory Archery blow pencil is one of the first drugstore brands that copied designer brow products. This pen does a great job, it’s double-ended and the colour is not orange at all. The wet end of the pen dried out quite quickly but the pencil part remained intact for a good while. I really like the ashy undertone of this product and will probably repurchase it.

Dior Driorshow mascara is probably one my favourite mascaras at all time. I like the big fat brush that gives volume, thickness and a good amount of length. It dried out after a few months of use which is normal but sad considering the price. I will repurchase

Rituals Himalaya Scrub is quite gritty, have an opulent scent and does leave residue on the skin. after using up the whole jar I’m not sure that this combination actually works for me. No repurchase.

Majorica Majorca Rush Expander Edge Meister and Lash King are mascaras I purchased in Thailand. I really wish there is a way to get hold of them here in UK without paying a very high premium price. I liked the brush on Lash King a bit better since it really gives more volume and a bit of clumpiness to the lashes. both mascaras have fibres, hold a curl incredibly well and last an eternity without any fallout. Definite repurchase if I find them at a reasonable price.

Benefits of using marula oil for dry skin

When it comes to natural oils, investing time in research can reveal your next best beauty secret. Pure natural oils are also praised low to mid-range which makes them far more attractive alternatives to high-end serums and creams. Searching for my next best beauty obsession I came across one very understated and yet incredibly effective natural oil. The use of Marula oil for dry skin is supposed to be quite nourishing and effective bringing back the natural balance of the skin. Weeks after a regular use of Marula oil based products I can finally admit that it has become my next big beauty obsession and here few reason why you should try it too.
First and foremost let’s shatter some good old myths surrounding beauty oils. I like many others used to be quite scared of using (natural) oils. Often I find that many natural oils fail to deliver when it comes to lightweight and easily absorbent formula that does not clog pores. There are lightweight natural oils which absorb quickly and does not leave a greasy residue on the skin. Oils can also help battle breakouts and protect the skin from harsh weather.
Marula oil has an incredibly lightweight formula and it contains high levels of antioxidants and it is rich in fatty acids that help skin hydrate, cells renew and fight against the damaging effects of the environment. I was surprised to discover that Marula oil contains four times more Vitamin C (Vitamin C helps the production of collagen, which is essential for skin renewal and elasticity.) than an orange and it has 60% more antioxidants compared to Argan oil. Marula oil is extracted from the fruits of Marula trees that grow in rural communities in South Africa. Marula oil is also often found in face creams, body moisturizers, and hair treatments.

Marula Pure Beauty Oil review

For my first ever experience I decided to go for a brand that prides themselves on their high-quality standards and have a wide range of natural products containing marula oil as their main ingredient. Marula Pure Beauty Oil is a brand that also supports and subsidies local communities in Africa and Madagascar harvesting pure marula oil.
Browsing through their range I was surprised to discover variations of face oils, cleansers, eye creams and even self-tan products. Two particular products grab my attention – the award-winning Pure Marula Facial Oil and the Pure Marula Cleansing lotion. So far I continuously used both products for a bit over three weeks now which gave me plenty time to harvest noticeable results and play around with the textures. On a side note, both products came with super luxe and practical packaging which made the whole experience a bit more special.

There were two particular products from Marula Pure Beauty Oil that caught my eye. Starting with the order of application I picked up Pure Marula Cleansing Lotion that promised a softer and smoother looking skin. This is a quite interesting product that to me sits somewhere between a face lotion and a face mask. Directions call for applying on dry or damp skin, then massaging the product gently and rinsing it with water. On days when I don’t wear minimal makeup I would use this product directly on my dry skin as a first and only cleanse before applying serum or face cream. If I wear full coverage foundation I tend to use this product as a second cleanse. On the label, there are no claims that it does remove makeup, although it does do a fine job. The consistency comes as runny and easy to work into the skin. It has a light “natural product” type of smell that is not overly perfumed and very inoffensive. Also, one of the best qualities of this product are that it does not irritate my sensitive skin, left any oily residue or tight/drying feeling after use. In terms of results, even after the first use, my dry skin felt unbelievably soft and smooth on touch. After using this cleanser for three weeks now, I can testify that results after use are very consistent. I absolutely love using this product especially on days when my skin is not looking at its best. I feel this product can work for all skin types because of its gentle and suiting formula.

Pure Marula clensing oil lotion review

The award-winning Omega-Rich Pure Marula Oil was next on my list to try. I find it very rare these days that products that claim to be all pure and 100% natural contain far more than two or three ingredients. Looking into the ingredient list of this face oil I was delighted to discover only two ingredients which as very reassuring. Once again I was blown away by the consistent results and suiting feeling that leaves on the skin. I find this oil quite unique simply based on the incredibly lightweight formula. Although this is a face oil it absorbs as quickly as a regular moisturizer and it leaves the skin feeling hydrated and nourished. I find it especially effective applied as a protective layer under or even mixed small amounts with my daily moisturizer. After regular use, I find that it really lock in the skin moisture and help my overall complexion look less dry and dehydrated. Also, I did not shy away from using this oil on the oiler areas on my face. So far I did not experience any breakouts or clogged pores which testify to the supreme quality of this product.
So far my experience with this natural oil was nothing but positive. Marula oil for dry skin is very effective. I do believe that the success of this experience is also down to the brand and their high quality of products. Personally, I highly recommend Marula Pure Beauty Oil products and will definitely pick up to try few more of their indulgent products. If you are interested into reading more reviews on face oils check out my latest article covering the effects of using Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit & Seed Oil Blend.

The ins and outs of permanent hair removal at home with Tria

I love my skin feeling silky soft. It makes me feel better, it looks better and does tend to boost my confidence. There is just one thing – I normally have to get through the lengthy and painful process of hair removal. Sometimes life gets in the way and I wish my unwanted hair just magically disappears with a snap of a finger.

Looking at more permanent solutions that will save me about an hour and a half on a weekly basis, I started researching laser treatments and the ever so popular Intense Pulse Light (IPL) devices for at home. What attracted me towards removing my unwanted hair in the comfort of my own home was not only the price but also the fact that IPL and similar types of technologies have really advanced over the years. Many reputable brands have brought up a number of new and improved hair removal devices that are not only safe but also as effective as professional strength lasers used in salons. After some through research and Tria laser 4x reviews later I picked up my device of choice and deiced to document my journey of hopefully cutting down hair removal time to a minimum.

Tria Beauty Laser 4x is one of the premium at-home laser hair removal systems on the market that comes with few magazine awards and many happy customer reviews. Unlike its competitors, the Tria laser uses a slightly different type of laser technology called Diode – a single spectrum of intensely concentrated pure light which targets the dark pigment in the hair follicle to disable its ability to regrow hair, resulting in permanent hair removal. In comparison, the IPL technology uses broad spectrum pulse of light which means that only small percentage of IPL energy is effectively absorbed by the hair follicle to reduce and slow down hair regrowth. Diode technology was designed to be far more efficient in precisely targeting the hair follicles which essentially make it more effective in permanent hair removal. Further readings about this new technology gave me more confidence in the results after treatment. Before I go over my experience with the device there are a few technicalities that are worth mentioning for those of you considering any laser treatments at home.

Make sure the particular device you choose to use works with your skin tone and hair color – For this type of treatment to work you need to consider the tone of your skin (light to medium) and the color of hair (medium to dark) you want to remove. On the packaging, I find a very useful diagram that goes into great detail about safety procedures, recommended areas of treatment and most importantly skin and hair color charts. In short laser hair removal type of devices tend to work best on light to medium skin tones with medium to dark hair, avoiding any sensitive areas (where the skin is thinner) and areas with hyperpigmentation (dark spots, freckles, moles).
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x review hair color match IPL

Consider the size and area you want to treat – depending on the brand, the treatment window of each device varies in size. If you are planning to remove hair on larger areas such as arms and legs, perhaps looking at devices with larger treatment window size can save you time. For smaller areas on your face, armpits or even bikini line, the actual design and shape of the device are to look out for. On our body, there are many curves and tricky folds so devices with sleek design and comfortable grip do tend to be more user-friendly. another personal preference of mine is for the device to be cordless.
Now onto my experience with Tria Laser 4x*. The product arrived is a sleek white packaging, simple design and small book with a brief, to the point instructions. The device itself much resembles the size of a travel hairdryer but slightly heavier and with a good grip. In terms of functionalities, it has one button controlling a number of different options.

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x review

The large display on top gives an indication of battery life, intensity levels and whether the device is locked. Once on it is very easy to set up and use right away. The device is cordless and operates on rechargeable batteries mounted inside. It unlocks once on and the red light on the bottom get in contact with skin. That same light also determinates whether the area you want to treat has the right skin tone for the system to work. This feature can potentially save you money if you are unsure that your skin tone is appropriate for this device to work. The intensity of pulses varies from one (low) to five (high) which can be adjusted depending on one’s level of pain tolerance. By default, the intensity is set to one. To stat treating the area hold the device against the skin and move it along, about 1/4 inch once it beeps twice.

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x functions review results

For the record my skin tone is fair and hair color is dark brown. Since I wasn’t sure how much pain I could handle I decided to start treating my legs first, then move to armpits and bikini line last. To prep the areas I shaved my hair and waited for about a day or so for the hair to grow back. The area on my legs is quite large, so I was fully aware that going over each leg will take quite a bit of time. To keep myself motivated and on track with the treatments I picked up a TV show to watch during treatment, that airs once a week and it is about 30-40 minutes long. This seemed like a great idea that will not only remind me to use the device regularly but also is a strategy to keep things consistent over time. According to the website after consistent use results should be visible in about 3 months after regular use (once a week). Another trick I have is to subsection the treatment area, especially if is a large surface such as on arms and legs. My plan was to treat one leg at the time so I went ahead and sectioned the surface area with a pen (pick any other color than black or blue). Making some sort of guideline helped me keep track of the already treated sections, and also help me (most of the time) avoid treating the same patch multiple times. After treatment, I wanted to get rid of all the pen marks left on my limbs. Like with most hair removal methods, showering right after treatment is an experience you really do want to give a miss! I found that taking care of my skin after treatments is no different compared to other methods of hair removal (excluding shaving I guess).Normally skin feels a bit a bit more sensitive, which will go away in just a few hours. Showering immediately after treatment can cause discomfort and will definitely sting. I had a very similar experience once I took a shower right after waxing. Lesson learned! Best thing to do is to wait a few hours or if time allows it, to postpone showering for the next day. Once my skin felt comfortable I also used some mild body exfoliator and applied body lotion right after showering.

Best picks form Show Beauty Lux Volume Range

Adding volume and adding body to my fine hair and two of my main hair concerns.Moving away from the typical hair styling products promoting instant root lift and full body I decided to try for the first time a volume shampoo and conditioner. As self-pronounced hair snob, I picked up few products from Show Lux Volume Range plus their repair treatment hair mask that I had my eyes on for ages. After a few weeks of regular use, there are definitely a good few tips worth mentioning when it comes to volume shampoo and conditioner.

Till now I was not really familiar with the concept of volume shampoo or conditioner. Common sense dictates that both products will add volume to hair but my anxious brain start spinning with questions like how much volume are we talking about, do you need to use both products to achieve results and will they replace the usual hair root lift sprays that I’m used to??? My hair is fine and limp, easy to weigh down by products. It is also colour treated which make it dry and not a great contender for regular(daily) heat styling. Volume shampoos and conditioners are meant to be a 2 in 1 type of product -cleaning and/or conditioning your hair while adding volume. The volume properties are normally activated by heat application which is the same basic principle behind a typical root lift hair styling spray. Ready to put this (new to me) hair revolution to the test I exclusively committed to Show Lux Volume Range for about a month now. I tried each product individually and together in order to find the best possible combination.

show beauty volume lux range shampoo conditioner

Show Beauty Lux Volume Shampoo is a protein based product that really worked well with my hair type and texture. This shampoo is meant to lift the roots and deliver supreme bounce and fullness. To be honest I wasn’t really convinced as of to what extent this product will replace some of my alternative hair styling products that add volume from the roots. It never actually occurred to me that a shampoo can clean properly my hair and give a good amount of volume at the same time (I have a thing about products claiming to do a million things and barely delivery on one). In this instance, I kept an open mind and I’m glad I did. This volume shampoo functions great as a shampoo (it cleans hair well, does not strip hair or leave it feeling squeaky clean) but also gives a moderate volume in the roots and a bit of texture. Unlike some other cheaper drugstore alternatives I’ve tried in the past this product does add a moderate amount of volume withing leaving hair feeling sticky or dirty after wash.My fine hair was not overwhelmed and weighed down when applying additional products such as my usual heat protection spray and some dry oil. My hair was left with a bit of a grip at the hair roots which made the volume last a good couple of days. Hair did not feel sticky or got greasier quicker than normal. If you are a bit lazy like me and want to add some light texture and volume this is a great product to try. Also, it works great on any hair type (fine or thick hair types).

Show Beauty Repair Treatment Mask review

Me and Show Lux Volume Conditioner did not become best friends. On its own, this product was not hydrating enough to manage my dry and coloured treated hair. I tried it in conjunction with Show Beauty Repair Treatment Mask but my hair was left very flat, which to me it is an indication of my hair being overloaded with products. If your hair is very dry like mine perhaps using this product after an overnight hair mask or treatment will work best. It did leave a considerable amount of shine which was plus. When it came to added volume it did deliver. The mid length and ends of my hair felt more voluminous and were left with a good amount of hair texture. I have to say that on day two and three my hair progressively started to look much better. When used together with Show Beauty Lux Volume Shampoo the volume in my hair was definitely turned to the max. I think that the two products used together best deliver significant results, no other styling product managed to do so.

Show Beauty Repair Treatment Mask is a protein based hair mask formulated to strengthen and deeply nourish hair. Few things need to be mentioned first – this product is pink, smells like candy and also it comes in a very understated and chic jar packaging with no labels. I really do appreciate when a hair care brand realises that products which are bound to live in the shower start looking battered after about two weeks of use. I found that by eliminating any labels that can peel off, using darker plastic containers that show less wear and tear, there is a good chance my bathroom stash of products looks a bit more put together.

Show Lux Volume Range review

Moving on to the actual properties of this hair mask. It has a lightweight creamy texture is easily absorbent, unlike other repair hair treatments I’ve tried in the past. For me, that was one of the properties that really made me like and then love more and more this hair mask. Once on it really feels that my hair is absorbing all the ingredients instead of just being lightly coated. A good tip I discovered over the years is that protein-based hair masks are great saviours for coloured and quite dry hair textures. Adding protein to hair deeply nourish dry and brittle hair leaving it hydrated, smooth and shiny. This is exactly what this hair mask does. This mask takes away the majority of dryness and lives hair feeling hydrated and healthy. After use, my hair definitely looked shinier and was easier to style and manage. Personally, I like that immediate gratification from seeing results even after a single use. Thank how I judge if a product is worth your while and if it will be missed in the long run. So far I’ve been using this mask for a bit over two weeks now and really like how it transforms my hair into a shiny, healthy looking lob.