Celebrating my second blogger anniversary. Lessons learned and goals

Celebrating my second blogger anniversary. Lessons learned and goals

Today I mark two years since I started this blog. I can tell that time has passed and things have slightly changed  from when I first started blogging.  I’ve grown as a person, a writer, photographer, and social media master of my own destiny. Some may say that this is a positive change but most of all it is part of my journey. I still feel very passionate about reviewing beauty products and writing the occasional lifestyle post about furniture, books, and even babies. There are many lessons I learned so far that pushed me towards creating better content but I still feel that there is so much more to give and achieve. Today on my second blogger anniversary I’d like to share some important lessons that I learned the hard way and announce few goals and aspirations for the year ahead.

Looking back I still enjoy writing about the same things that I did two years ago even tho I still feel there are far more new topics to explore. End of each month I started doing simple makeup looks revolving around a single eyeshadow palette or current makeup trends. Middle of the month is normally dedicated to product empties, a category that is very dear to me since this was also the topic of my first blog post. My obsession with nail polish, skincare and eye shadow palettes never stopped and now I feel far more confident and savvy picking up new products from these categories. When it comes to quality of work and photography I can definitely see a graduate improvement which I’m very proud of. Four cameras down and two spell check tools later things aren’t perfect but definitely good enough for me to shamefully blast my work on social media.

Lessons learned
I see other blogs grow much faster than mine despite all my great efforts to stay on top of regular content creation and social media. I’ll be honest that I do feel a bit jealous but at the same time, I realized that  most of the time these blogs are doing things a bit better than me, and that is very important fact to acknowledge. It works are a great motivation factor, seeing what people have achieved.  There is quite a lot of hustling involved to get the right contacts and be invited to the right parties but I guess that is also called entrepreneurship and comes with every new venture. Patience and waiting around is not a winning strategy. You really have to put yourself out there and carry on doing things better than the last time. Research and try new things all the time, see what works and what doesn’t but most importantly keep on posting!

In terms of goals, sky is the limit.  Posting more regularly can lead to many new opportunities and collaborations with brands. Every month I try to hit my targets and basically do better than the previous month. Numbers are not everything but they do count. I don’t really obsess over it but it does feel good when you see a gradual increase.

I’m still a bit cautious of what people might think the minute I announce that I’m also a beauty blogger. The social stigma is still very much present, and the majority of the general public think that blogging it is just a dead end hobby that you might abandon in a few months/years. After two years of posting (almost) regularly every other day I can tell you that this is not a hobby, but hard work that could very much turn into something much bigger in a short amount of time. At this point I really don’t need to prove anything to anybody, just continue to carry on with what I’m currently doing. My advice to self is to keep on posting, be creative and stay true to yourself.

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    “Patience and waiting around is not a winning strategy. You really have to put yourself out there and carry on doing things better than the last time”
    I love this!