Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Gloss review

Chanel Rouge Allure  Lip Gloss review

This is not the latest Chanel Rouge Allure lip gloss but don’t be fulled this version as equally overpriced and not so impressive. If you are not in a mood for a story just skip the next paragraph, product review is below.

Chanel Rouge Allure lip gloss

Chanel Rouge Allure gloss

The first time i heard about the new Chanel lip gloss release i made a note to self – you need this in your life, go and get it now. In a few days i made my way to the Chanel counter filled with excitement. I just wanted to see what all that online fuss was about. The new product display was already installed so i went on and swatches literary every color from the range. After a while i picked up two shades – coral and nude. The shop assistant observing my product “trail and error” finally approached me and in a few minutes i was at the tail paying for my purchase.She picked up the colors i like, even open the box packaging to show me the products. They all looked the same so i waved my hand and said it is OK. I had some money vouchers and discount that apply which made the swipe of my bank card far less painful. Happy with my purchase i went home and toss the luxury bag aside. I was busy with some other ongoing project so completely forgot about this purchase. Two weeks later i deiced it is finally time to start using this Chanel lip glosses. To my utterly surprise the product I’ve bought were not from the latest collection. And guess what i could not returned them either. It was not pleasant being cheated but to be honest it was also my flat for not double checking and being fully trusting…I just really dislike when in the shop assistants remove the seal on your brand new product in their attempt of being thorough.Anyway i have learned my lesson. If you have similar stories please share in the comments below.

Product Review: Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss lip glosses are mostly sheer with a hint of color. On the lips they do not feel sticky or leave tick silicon layer. If you are experiencing chapped or sore lips this is a great pick me up product. Also it last a good amount for a lip gloss.If you have some cash to burn do for it otherwise you are totally do without it.