Cleaning makeup brushes on a budget

Cleaning makeup brushes on a budget

Owning the right shape and size of makeup brushes is absolutely crucial for flawless makeup application. With many drugstore makeup brands tapping into the makeup brush market I could not help but wonder if spending less than five pounds on a brush is enough to give me right tools to achieve seamless makeup application. Recently I picked up a few very affordable makeup brush options that looked promising enough to prove my new theory.Plus i might have found the most affordable drugstore product that helps cleaning makeup brushes a total breeze

Makeup Revolution is notorious for their elaborate eye palettes, low price points and ability to mimic in a very clever way high end makeup brands. I was not aware that they also have a good selection of makeup brushes, since if you ever been near one of their in store displays you will know that their products are flying off the shelves. I picked up two brushes one for eyes and another one for face together with MR Anti-Bacterial Brush Cleaner (£5). Deep cleaning my makeup brushes is something I will never give up but since it quite labor intensive I always wanted some in-between-washes type of product. This brush cleanser actually does pretty decent job and smells nice too. After I’m finish “perfecting” my makeup look I quickly apply few spritz of this spray directly on my makeup brushes and dry them out with paper towel. Most of the color (from foundation or eye shadow) comes off instantly but not entirely, which is good enough in-between solution for me.

Makeup revolution Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner review

Makeup Revolution Pro F104 (£3.99) is tapered fluffy powder brush. It is made of synthetic materials which does feel soft and non-scratchy on the skin. The size is quite good for applying all over the face powders and even bronzer only if you are light handed. The bristles pick up a good amount of the product but it really fails to allow you to control the application of product on the skin. To me this brush felt a bit too big and soft to really help me apply makeup with skill and control. My next pick was Makeup Revolution Pro Curve Contour Eye shadow Makeup Brush (£3.99) which has this unique shape that I was drown to. Unfortunately this brush is a total fail. The unique shape is supposed to be designed to help you better apply eye shadow in your crease. The bristles of this brush are way too long, they feel a bit stiff and scratchy. The actual shape does very little to help your eye shadow application, if anything it actually makes the process much harder.

Makeup revolution blush brush eyeshadow brush review

Makeup Revolution makeup brushes come with decent quality and price but not very well thought of shapes. On another hand their Anti-Bacterial Brush Cleaner is totally worth your hard earned pennies.