Expected benefits after using coffee body scrub for the first time

Expected  benefits after using coffee body scrub for the first time

Coffee body scrub benefits revolve around  its proven effectiveness fighting cellulite, improving blood circulation and tightening the skin. Since we are heading towards bikini season I decided to give it a go and test for myself the effects of coffee beans and brown sugar.

I found Grounded Coffee Scrub in Grapefruit in my local drugstore and was deeply impressed by the ingredient list which only contains natural products. The minute you open the zip lock bag of product the district scent of coffee and grapefruit immediately greets you. This coffee scrub have very loose consistency and even on the packaging there is reminder of being messy. I scooped a generous amount and applied it on my upper legs and torso. The consistency is of very finely milled but still a bit gritty brown particles that after few rubs dissolve on contact with water. The application was quite messy as per expected which personally did not bother me that much. You will definitely have to rinse thoroughly your shower after use. After using it continuously for about three weeks now I have to say that I’m quite pleased with the results. My skin feels a lot smoother and the appearance of cellulite does seem to have improved. The scent is very refreshing and uplifting especially when used in the morning.

Grounded Coffee Scrub

Grounded Coffee Scrub 200g retails for £15 and it is available at Boots.