Hair styling and controversial hair pomade review

Hair styling and controversial hair pomade review

Every two months I go through a procedure that gives lasting results but triggers a strong emotional response that takes few weeks to cope with.  It has to do with grooming and it’s more about up keeping what I already have. For me dealing with a new haircut is the epitome of embracing change. There is a desire than indulgence, followed by anger/denial and at last, comes acceptance. As part of my multi-step recovery program, I research and try any product under the sun that claims to repair what my current hairdresser has done to my hair. Some call it a tax on hope others just look on the bright side and fill in their shopping cart with new hair styling goodies. Here are my latest picks for those seeking inspiration. 

Here is where I’m coming from. In the hope of having a better experience getting my hair done every so often, I change hair salons and book appointments with even more highly skilled professional than last time. For about two weeks after a new hair-do, I experience a constant feeling of anger and confusion every time I catch my reflection in the mirror! Then self-doubt kicks in. Why did I change hair salon, I thought that I gave clear directions (keep the same length, no short layers!), I should have stuck with just trimming the ends. It’s hard to find a hairdresser who cares what looks good on you. I also tend to expect tips on how to style my new hair style, but maybe that’s a step too far..or is it?

show beauty hair range review dry shampoo

Hair styling often involves the use of sometimes multiple hair tools. Heat protection sprays can really make a difference and are worth adding to your hair care routine. I first started with few drugstore options which did a fine job, but always left me wondering if there is something more to be desired. It’s been a few months since I started using Philip B Thermal Protection Spray(£28) from their very luxurious and extortionately expensive Oud Royal range (this is the cheapest product from the range). There are a few claims on the packaging – weightless, scented, protection from heat, sun, chlorine and sea salt. I don’t find this spray weightless. I have fine hair that gets weighted quite easily. After some period of trial and error, I found that 3-4 spritz works best for me. The scent is very opulent so make sure you had a sniff in store before coming to this product.
Philip B thermal spray review alterna kendi oil mist oil review

When it comes to performance I found that this product really delivers. My hair has been through “higher intensity” heat styling sessions lately and this product has helped prevent further damage. I feel that it also manage to extra condition my hair, which was a great bonus. I found Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist (£21.50)on the back of my hair drawer and decided to give it another go. This is quite lightweight hair oil that miraculously keeps frizz at bay (check my full review of Alterna Kendi Oil). Needless to say, I was delighted with reintroducing this product to my routine. I use in combination with Philip B Thermal Spray on wet hair. On day three my hair looks quite greasy and in need of a wash so that’s when I add dry shampoo to the mix.

Ouai Matte Pomade honest review

Lately, I’ve been testing Show Beauty Dry shampoo (£30) This product claims to absorb natural hair oils and leave voluminous finish. There is definitely texture and volume after using this product, which is great if you want to restyle your hair on the go. The consistency is chalky white but I found that it absorbs well and mesh with hair texture quite easily. If you are sensitive to scents check the range in store before purchasing. The scent is strong at first but it does tend to wear off during the day. Another new discovery this month is Ouai Matte Pomade (£16). In the past, I associated pomades with styling short hair and consider them as products for men. Basically, I avoided this type of product for a decade because of having the wrong preconception. Also, every time I looked into a cult pomade review it was mostly about the type of consistency and strength of hold. It was confusing because these are the same criteria for a good product when it comes to hair gels and hair wax. Hair pomades sit somewhere in the middle, trying to combine best of both worlds.  For the record, my hair is a way past shoulder length. This product helps me keep my ends straight for longer. The consistency looks thick and sticky but it is exactly the opposite. It does not weigh down my hair and there is some hold to it but nothing you can’t brush off easily. On the packaging, this product is advertised to give “both short and long hair piecey texture” and I have to say that it really does. Online there is a big discussion on the overpowering scent of Ouai. Personally, I could barely detect it and would say that it has one of the lighter scents from this bunch of products.This product it’s been designed with women customer in mind and when it come to hair styling I use this product instead of a hair oil. This product is quite universal and much easier to use than other finishing hair products, hope you can gather that from this pomade review.

There you have it my current styling essentials all from the high end of the price spectrum. If you are looking for some more product reviews of this sort check out my review of  Show Beauty Thickening lotion or Alterna Caviar CC cream.