5 Luxury products I regret buying

5 Luxury products I regret buying

When the end of the year or ever the month comes I tend to reflect on my purchases. Evaluating whether money was well spend often depended on how quick I could see visible improvement or benefit after use and do I own or have I tried a product that did the same but was more reasonably priced. With all that in mind I present to you my top 5 luxury beauty products I regret buying.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil £85 is probably the one product I’m most disappointed about. In three weeks of regular use it did absolutely nothing for my normal to dry and dehydrated skin. The blue color gave a slight gray tint to my complexion at night and stained few of my pillow cases. After a few used I did experience some slight skin pealing but overall that was as far as effects go. I can imagine that this sleeping oil could have more benefits to oilier complexions, otherwise do not bother.

Chantecaille Eye shadow Palette £65 is of good quality but lacking a bit of pigment for the price. I love how finely mild the eye shadows are but I really have to pack on the color on top of a good eye shadow base to get some decent color payoff. Spending this amounts of money on a single eye shadow trio is completely unnecessary

By Terry Ombre Blackstar crayons £29 are great in terms of unique color combinations. As bonus the come in a stick form which is super easy to use and reapply. However, the amount of product you get for the price is quite small which compared to other luxury brands offerings it’s a bit of cheat. In many reviews people claim that these crayons are super long lasting. Let me tell you I have a greasy eyelids and this product does crease even with primer on. No product is perfect but I fieel like it’s a bit too much hype around this crayons when in comparison you can spend a bit less and get Chanel cream eye shadows, which are equally gorgeous in color and come in three times bigger size.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial £46 comes in a bulky but smart packaging and 15ml of product. I find it a bit of a funny business that when this product first launched everybody on the internet was over the moon with it and in two months nobody ever mention its existence. It is a nice night face oil that delivers results even after the first use. Once I started using it more regularly (every night instead of every other night) I could not see any improvements and I felt a bit cheated. It looks like my skin quickly got used to it and stop responding, which was makes me wonder that the small packaging was probably made for a reason.

Real Technique Bold Metals Flat Contour brush £22 is essentially drugstore brand trying to venture into the high end side of things. To me this brush works fine but feels and look a bit cheap. I love the rose gold color but the handle is too long to fit into any of my makeup bags and it has that plastic feel that screams inexpensive. This particular shape is hard to find when looking for cheaper alternatives, nevertheless I don’t think I will be purchasing any more brushes from the Bold Metals line. Quick disclaimer I love the regular Real Technique brush line and recommend it to anyone looking for quality drugstore makeup brushes.