Discovering the magic of two perfect eyeliners

Discovering the magic of two perfect eyeliners

Applying eyeliner is one single step that can substitute a whole makeup look but why it has to be so difficult to get it right. After numerous attempts I normally settle for “they are supposed to be sisters not twins” but in the end I figured no amount of technique can help if you are working with the wrong type of product. Personally I’m a big fan of liquid eyeliners but so far I really struggled finding the right felt tip eyeliner that can ease my application struggles. At last I found couple of good options that i’m glad to share. 

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The type of flick of your eyeliner really depends on your eye and eyelid shape. Over time, getting it (about) right it took me about 20 minutes of trial and error, number of Q tips and considerable amounts of micellar water. Then I discovered some of the sticky page dividers/post-it flag (or just sticky tape will do) that really helped create that precise clean outer corner flick. Another little helper and the start of the show really, is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper (jet matte black). This is not only the most long lasting liner I’ve ever tried but also the one that is actually super easy to use. The felt tip is much like a calligraphy pen, made of number of fine fibers that are both flexible and wet enough. It really glides on with every stroke delivering just the right amount of product, eliminating the need to go over and fill in parts. The packaging is also great because it comes with that spring cap mechanism that prevents it from quickly drying.

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After realizing how great this product is I also purchased Kat Von D Ink Liner in Bosch which has slightly different felt tip, same shape but a bit more stiff but equally moist with product. This beautiful olive green color is perfect for the autumn/winter months. I’ve never seen such interesting and stand out color that still makes a bold statement without being black. Love it!

Kat Von D Tattoo Inc Eveliner Bosch opive green review-r35

Kat Von D eyeliners cost $19 and are available via (VAT  and other taxes may apply).