Does nail art stencils really work?

Does nail art stencils really work?

DYI nail art is always on trend and with the festival season in full swing I feel like you can get away with a lot. Lottie London Paint by Numbers kit looked like a bit more of a challenge but results look far more impressive than your regular nail sticker. With little to none nail art experience under my belt I hoped by salon quality results in about 20 minutes. A bit optimistic I know.

Lottie London Paint by Numbers kit review nail art nail stencils

Lottie London Paint by Numbers kit comes with three sets of stencil sheets in black, gold and silver and a dreadful nail art brush that conveniently went missing before the whole process begun. This slim box also comes quite elaborative instructions on how to use this kit. Since I was more enthusiastic than patient I ignored all that was written. Instead I followed my instincts and failed a couple of times. Here is what I learned. All three types of stencils are quite delicate, especially Chevron (silver). When pealing them off do take the time to do it carefully so the design does not break. Peekaboo (black) sheet is probably my least favorite because was harder to work with. Colour Block (golden) is probably the one design I felt confidant using that beloved art brush. As predicted results were not impressive since surgical precision was indeed required.

Lottie London Paint by Numbers kit review nail art

Looking at the end result I am quite pleased with Lottie London Paint by Numbers kit. There were easy to apply and great fuss free nail accessory. A stress free way to apply them is to place each sticky stencil on top of your dry nail polish of choice and set them in place by applying clear top coat over it. Also you can get far more use out of it than the recommended 3 manicures when used as accents. Just place one on each ring finger and its done.