Double dose of Omegas

Double dose of Omegas

There are tons of new brands that are worth exploring but if they don’t have any travel or discovery sets I feel quite cheated and pushed to spend on products that may or may not work for me. Nude Skincare is all skin nutrition and all of their products are natural, vegan and free from mineral oil, silicones, parabens and all kids of nasty. Intrigued by the brand’s proposition of a natural skin care I picked up a range of products containing range of omega oils to help my skin.  

Nuxe Skincare Double Dose of Genius review

I’m a firm believer in skin care that contains vital vitamins and probiotics that can help the skin recover. Reading the ingredient list I was quite excited about the expected effects and results after using Nude Skincare products. Double Dose of Genius is a travel size set containing Progenius Omega Treatment Milk 10ml and Progenius Omega Rescue Oil 10ml. After a continues use of both products for a bit over two weeks now I was able to harvest some results. Nuxe Progenius Omega Treatment Milk has light creamy texture that absorbs into the skin quite quickly. It is great to use as serum before moisturizer for the extra bit of hydration and skin boost. The travel size went pretty quickly but I did enjoy using this product. In terms of effects I could not really see any major improvement of my skin. In fact I felt that it lacked a bit of extra strength when it came to re-hydrating my skin and keeping it at its best.

Nuxe Progenius Omega Rescue Oil review

From the description of the Nuxe Progenius Omega Rescue Oil it looked like this product was calling my name. Smoother, repaired and calmed skin were some of the benefits of use. The consistency of this oil a bit on the heavy side and once applied it really takes a good bit of time to fully sink in. On the packaging is recommended to use it day and night but I could only go thought using it during the night. It has very earthy smell of something like rosehip oil or seed oil. Personally the scent did not bother me, but it is something to consider. My skin tends to be very dehydrated and prone to redness. This product was really not enough to keep my concerns at bay.  After continues use I could see that my skin still needed a bit of a pick me up, which was kind of disappointing. On a positive I could tell that both products ware of high quality since they did not clogged my pores or caused any breakouts.

Nuxe Double Dose of Genius costs £20 which is reasonable for the amount of product you get. If you are in your early twenties this is probably a great introductory to the brand and you will see results after use. For more advanced skin concerns perhaps other products with more active ingredients would be more beneficial to you.