Dr. Organic’s cheaper alternatives

Dr. Organic’s cheaper alternatives

Tea tree oil is fundamental beauty ingredient that in moderation can perform miracles. I picked up Dr Organic Tea Tree Pure Oil because of the higher oil concentration in comparison to the Bodyshop’s version. Tea tree oil in general has been successfully used for treating many skin conditions like acne, eczema, dandruff and many others. Since this was a so called multi-purpose product i was curious to see if it really works.

Dr Organic Vitamin E Pure Oil.

Dr Organic tea tree oil

I do not have any acne but occasionally there some unpleasant blemishes or underskin spots (the one that create a painful bump on your face and you can not do anything about it). Using Dr Organic Tea Tree Pure Oil on blemishes is not a braze. I learned the hard way that you need the tiniest amount of tea tree oil, otherwise you skin might burn (or feel like it). The packaging of this product actually helps because it only releases the product in drops. I find it very effective for treating underskin spots. Applied in the evening (because of the strong smell) i can really see improvement the next day. A friend had eczema and she said that tea tree oil did help to cool things off but there are far more advanced creams that can help in much more time efficient way.

In my local drugstore there was ongoing offer on Dr Organic, so i also picked up their Organic Vitamin E Pure Oil. Just to put it out there Vitamin E is not only good for scars but also works well for treating wrinkles. After two weeks of regular use i can say that this product has help me even my skin tone and keep the occasional redness around my cheeks at bey. Also for the record this is really non greasy oil that sinks into the skin very easily. I normally use it as a treatment at night but fond out that also works well under moisturizer. Overall it is a great product and on budget too.

P.S. I strongly recommend doing the patch test before using both products.