Easy way to update your nail color

Easy way to update your nail color

Confession: I have over 50 bottles of nail polish and most of the time I find it hard to get excited about new trendy colors or nail effects. One of my most used nail polishes is YSL 33 Top Coat Premiere Neige that essentially is the most genius glittery top coat that can turn any ordinary nail polish color into something outstanding. Sadly it is limited edition and will probably never return the collection. On my recent trip I stumble upon Catrice Cosmetics counter and essentially discovered a very close dupe that I’m very excited about.

Million Styles Effect Top Coat range comes in eight styles two of which became mine. 01 Godfather of Pearl it is very versatile and looks great paired with any color. The clear top coat is mixed up with fine iridescent golden and purple glittery particles that look quite settle when paired with darker nail polishes. The size of the particles are quite tiny so their existence is more discreet than noticeable.

Catrice 01 Godfather of Pearl

03 Have an Ice Day comes very close to YSL 33 Top Coat. Catrice’s version is a combination of green and purple glitters when YSL’s is more of a purple and pink. Never the less the overall effect is very similar and looks close enough to keep me excited.03 Have an Ice Day looks great pared with nudes and strong/dark colors. It adds that extra bit of noticeable sparkle and to me it looks like one of those stunning pictures of cosmos (you know the one with purple and blue clouds and millions of golden stars poking through).

Catrice 03 Have an Ice Day

Although glittery top coats Catrice Million Styles Effect (2.99) are very easy to remove without the need to scrub your nails in order to take it off. They are great for nail designs or just accent but also double up as a decent top coat that prevents chipped nails for at least five days. Love it! Catrice Cosmetics have very affordable and quality products worth checking out if available in your country.