Different essential oils for nail growth, does it work?

Different essential oils for nail growth, does it work?

There is something about reading the words “grow”, “smooth” and “instant” on a product packaging that makes me lose faith in the quality and results of THAT particular product. Same goes for magazine articles, bloggers and vloggers that claim a product is revolutionary and at all cost, you need THIS in your life. In general, I feel particularly cheated with slogans on products targeting hair or nail regrow always promising extraordinary results in just a few weeks. Unfortunately, science shows that when it comes to re-growing nails, hair or even eyelashes there are not many shortcuts that one can take. At the minute nail helth and grow is a pressing consern for me so i decided to dig deap and find solutions. When it comes to nails using a DIY blend of essential oils for nail growth can only be effective when applied religiously for at least three weeks. Inpatient and in need of a quick fix I decided to try a few products on the market that claim to do the trick with half the hassle. Here is what I found. 

Nails Inc Superfood Nail Grow review results

To convince me buying any product I look at potential results vs the time and effort required for me to get that results. On Pinterest, I found a quite popular DIY blend of essential oils for nail growth that many seems to swear by. Jojoba Oil is used as a carrier oil, which essentially is a base, nothing more to it. The recipe also calls for Lavender Oil which has anti-inflammatory properties, Lemon Essential Oil for whitening and brightening, Frankincense Essential Oil for fighting nail fungus and against nail peeling and Geranium Essential Oil for added moisture to dry nails. Here are the exact recipe and measurements:

4 tbs Jojoba Oil
3 drops of Lavender Oil
3 drops of Geranium Oil
3 drops of Frankincense Oil
2 drops of Lemon

Nails Inc Superfood review results

Research and evidence show that this potion is very likely to work but honestly it seems like quite some work to source all ingredients and make it. Nevertheless, recently I felt very unhappy with the condition of my nails and decided to lay of the acetone for a while. My nails continue to break and peel quite often. Also, my cuticles were looking very dry and so does my hands. Naturally, I turned to a brand of products that I absolutely love and have plenty (positive) experience with. Nails Inc had a few new additions to their nail care treatment line which looked promising at first and less hassle to make/use. Both products I got were recommended to use twice weekly for optimal results. First I was intrigued by Nails Inc’s  Grow treatment powered by Matcha. This product is designed to hydrate, regenerate and protect nails from damage. The gel formula is infused with vitamins and matcha powder to help nails look at their best. This product comes with a lipstick type of applicator which does make application quite easy. The consistency is a lightweight gel mixed up with some gentle beads that quickly dissolve when massaged into the nail. For a couple of weeks, I did apply a generous amount of this gel directly onto my bare nails and rub it all over until completely dry. The consistency absorbs quite quickly, leaving some light sticky residue. As recommended by the brand I started using this product twice a week for a few weeks now. So far results are not “life changing” so this product definitely seems to need more persistence before delivering on its promises. After three weeks of use, my nails continue to flake and break but they do feel more nourished than usual. More than a month later I stopped using this product because I found it too sticky.

Nails Inc Nail Grow review results Nails Inc Superfood Repair oil review results


Another interesting product I find that worked much better is Nails Inc Superfood Repair Oil. This product is made with moisturising oils (Sweet Almond, Argan and Rose Hip oil) which helps condition dry nails and cuticles. I find the scent (mainly sweet almond) of this nail oil quite pleasant and mildly addictive. The oil sinks into the skin quite easily without leaving any greasy residue. Once again I did use this product regularly (sometimes more than the recommended two times a week) for a few weeks now and I must say that I did harvest some noticeable results. My nails feel much stronger and cuticles look more conditioned.

There was a time when I used both products one after another but soon enough I figured that I might be overloading for me nail. If I have to choose between the two it is safe to say that Nails Inc Superfood Repair Oil has my preference. If you are looking to give a little boost to your nails and don’t have the patience to source and mix different essential oils this is probably the right product for you.
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