Exploring Nip Fab Skin

Exploring Nip Fab Skin

Nip Fab Skin care was unknown to me up until Kylie Jenner became the new brand ambassador. There is a Dragon’s blood fix, Viper Vendome fix, Glycolic fix, Bee sting fix and more.Looking at their core ingredients it is safe to say that Nip Fab Skin is a drugstore version of pricier brands like Rodial. Eager to try and after some research a few products caught my eye.

Nip Fab Skin Drago’s Blood Fix Plumping Mask is a gel mask promising plump and brighter skin. Looking at the ingredients this mask combines hyaluronic acid, amino acid and dragon’s blood comforts – all great hydrating ingredients. The mask itself is a clear gel that is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. Normally I would leave it for a bit more that 10 minutes, so I can get more out of it. Surprisingly this mask has very masculine scent that is not overpowering. On the skin, once applied it has a slight cooling effect. After use my skin was looking radiant and plump. In comparison to some of its high end brothers this Drago’s Blood face mask delivers same results with half the intensity. This is excellent mask for someone in the teen years or early twenties. If you are over this age bracket I suggest looking for products with higher concentration of ingredients.

Nip Fab Skin Viper Vendome Extreme Night Fix review Nip Fab Skin Viper Vendome Eye Fix review

Nip Fab Skin Viper Vendome Extreme Night Fix is surprisingly excellent night cream. Normally good night cream come with a tick whipped texture. This one is complete opposite. A very lightweight gel that with a pleasant almost vanilla like light scent. At first it might feel tacky on the skin but after a few minutes all is absorbed and there leaving no trace. My skin was dry and looked matte, but still plump and hydrated. In the morning results were there. No irritation even on overly sensitive skins like mine. Redness was calmed down and my skin tone was surprisingly even. After a week of religious use I can report that results are continuously as good. This is excellent night cream and is suitable for any season or skin type. Some of my friends with normal to oily skin also gave it a try. I am happy to report that they experience same quality results. Simply amazing product!

Nip Fab Skin Viper Vendome Eye Fix is a great drugstore alternative. Essentially this is one of those cooling roller balls eye pens that can help with puffy eyes. There are many high end alternatives to this type of product but I never find them effective. This product does leave the eye aria feeling hydrated. Nip Fab Skin eye gel is absorbed quickly and does not feel wet or leave oily residue. To some extend even brightens any dark circles. This is not a miracle product but for the price of it it does a good job.

Nip Fab Skin proved to be a great drugstore skincare brand. Now that we are acquainted I cannot wait to explore more of their skin and body range.