Eyebrow business

Eyebrow business

Shaping your eyebrows in a flattering way is sometimes near impossible. Choosing the right eyebrow products to mask potential damage you have done is quite key in these situations. Here are some of my latest discoveries that helped me along my brow struggles. Let’s start from the top and talk about eyebrow liners.

Soap and Glory Archery in is a great affordable brow option. It is a double ended pen including on one side thick waxy nib and on the other side there is wet pointy tint. I really like the ash shade of color because it does looks more natural. The waxy side I would use for adding a tint my brows and achieving more define brow look. The wet tint on the other size is for more precise brow work, when I want to fill in the gaps and make my brow look like twins, not sisters. I like this product because is a great all-rounder. The range of shades available is limited but at the same time convenient (once I did spend 45minutes deciding which color brow pencil will best suit).

Soap and Glory Archery review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Brunette is absolute favorite. This tiny pen really allows you to shape and grow your brows in seconds. Also the spoolie brush is probably one of the best for combing brow hairs and spotting imperfections. It really allows you to be precise and draw extra hair in one stroke. It requires some playing around to determine the look you are going for. There is wide shade range to choose from. Most of the colors available are ashy, which gives more natural look. I know that Soap and Glory recently launched a similar product that is also more affordable but also comes with limited shade options.

Catrice Eyebrow Lifter is a great helper when it comes to defining the outline of your brows. It only comes in one pink shade which is surprisingly suiting. The consistency is creamy, easy to blend and really helps brighten the brow area. Just draw a line under and over your brow to see immediate difference. In case you feel unsure try the same but using your concealer. I find that pink is far more suiting than sand shades but it might work for you.

Best brow products review anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz

Any brand angled brush will do especially if you are planning to fill in your brows with powder. It is a common fact that brushes and applicators that powders come with are really rubbish. So next time you are at the drugstore thinking about your brow business pick up some angled brush too. If things don’t work out you can always use it for eyeliner.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel in Chocolate is a great setting gel. In case you have fuller brows that needs more setting rather than defining this is probably the product for you. I opt for tinted brow gel just to get setting and fuller looking brows in one. Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gels are of great quality. The spoolie brush combs brow hair into place distributing the right amount of gel.

The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit in shade 2 is a great budget alternative to similar high end products. The powder is matte but not really pigmented giving you more control over definition. Using a proper angle brush not the one this product comes with is quire key here. The powder is long lasting and shades from the range are quite cool toned. This is the product I first started to use when I discovered that I can make my thin and patchy brows look more normal. After a year now I still think this is a great starter product.

  • Ali and Her

    I think I might try the soap and glory archery pen. Do they do it in darker shades? Aliandher.blogspot.co.uk

    • Eli

      There are two colors available Hun, dark brown and blonde