Fab holliday nails that you don’t need nail art degree for

Fab holliday nails that you don’t need nail art degree for

I had my eyes on Nails Inc Winter Wonderland for a while now simply because this this truly embodies the Christmas holiday nails spirits. There is a vibrant festive red, pearly snow white and of course some luscious antique gold. All that glitter overload really made me feel very festive in mental preparation for the upcoming holidays. After playing with each color for a while here are a few suggestions of how to create some Christmas themed nails designs.
Nails inc Trafalgar Square is a vibrant red glitter that looks stunning on the tips of your nails or just all over with red base under. The flat brush makes application really easy and even if you are a bit messy it won’t matter. It looks great in combination with red or just clear nail polish for more sophisticated look and fuss free look.

Nails inc Trafalgar Square

Nails Inc St George’s Square  is this white shimmer with chunks of iridescent glitters. Paint it over some crisp white, nude, gray or baby pink color to create a frosted nail effect.Easy and supper effective way to do Christmas holiday nails.

Nails Inc St George's Square

Nails Inc Buckingham Square is perfect antique gold glitter that will update any shade nail polish. The effect is quite unique and reminds me of leftover chunks of Christmas wrapping paper or broken Christmas decorations. Its eye-catching glitter nail polish does not require any special skill to achieve it.

Nails Inc Buckingham Square

All the above designs are super easy to do at home and will last you for quite a while, hanse the glitter. You really need to seal each design with top coat to ensure there are no glittery flakes or chips. Nails Inc Winter Wonderland Collection retails for £29 but it’s currently on sale for about £20 at John Lewis.