Fashion trends and metallic nails

Fashion trends and metallic nails

Scrolling through Instagram I keep on seeing colorful fashion outfits accessorized with reflective foil nails in gold or silver. These shades looked edgy and cool even when paired with any crazy color of the rainbow. Convinced that these metallic are such a grate nail statement colors, two new additions to my infinite nail collection were made. Metallic nail polish turn out to be quite tricky to apply so below there are few useful tricks to get seamless application. 

Nails Inc Foil collection comes with three metallic shades – silver, gold and pink. Sticking to my safe basics I went for silver and gold. South Kensington (silver) translates as very bright and reflective silver. Chelsea Bridge Road (gold) looks very similar but has very light golden hue. Both nail polishes lasted me about a week before any major chips appeared. Silver nails like this one also looked amazing on my toes too.

Nails Inc Bridge Road metallic nails review

Nails Inc South Kensington silver nails review

Both colors come with a small round brush which is not very easy to work with and can cause quite a bit of steaks. Tip: make sure that you first apply a very thin layer of metallic nail polish covering all nail surface. Then apply a second coat to perfect the application. Metallic and pearl shades tend to set into nail the smallest ridges.  Another useful tip is to buff and smoothen your nail plate before application and make sure to get rid of any horizontal and vertical ridges. It really makes a huge difference when applying any nail varnish color.

What is your version of edgy nail color?