Fathers day (un)affordable gift guide

Fathers day (un)affordable gift guide

In a man’s lifespan, there is a good chance that one day he will become a father. Once a year as a  token of appreciation, the man also get to enjoy a dedicated day celebrating their hard work as a dad, grandpa or even a dog/cat/fish dad. With fathers day fast approaching I started searching for some inspiration regarding small and large gifts that will melt the heart (and sometimes the bank account).This is not your typical fathers day unaffordable gift guide.

Every time I see a father’s day gift article pop out I found the same items that get recommended times and times again. There is always a feature on (luxury) watch from brands like Baume & Mercier (my favourite) or Tissot, some sort of a gadget like a sound system from Sonos or Bluetooth headphones from Bose, a unique perfume sets from high-end perfume houses like Clive Christian which was a favorite of the royal family. Then those guides move on to the obligatory food and drink hampers, socks and underwear that every man gets at some point throughout the year anyway.

Fathers day best funny post cards



Before you rush out the door to buy the perfect gift why not first focus on getting the right thoughtful card that sums your feelings in just a few words (or pictures). Few meaningful words from the hard can melt any heart of steal and most probably last far longer than the perfect toaster. Here is a selection of postcards guaranteeing a smirk or even a smile at first glance.All cards are available on notonthehighstreet and vary between £3 and £5 including delivery.