Fine jewelry by Zag Bijoux

Fine jewelry by Zag Bijoux

With the current overflow of midi rings and chunky necklaces I really felt the need to look for some jewelry that is a bit different. One particular brand stood out to me with their Kenzo- esk designs are good variety of pieces.   Originally french, Zag Bijoux jewelry collection was with very measured design features and with a hint of Parisian chic all over it. There have good selection of gold, rose gold and silver pieces which come in dainty designs combined with some more chunky pendants.

zag bijoux tiger nacklace

zag bijoux handcuffs nacklace

zag bijoux tiger ring

After considerable time spent on deliberation I picked up two necklaces and one ring. First necklace i got in silver since it is a bit more of a statement piece. The quality of the product feels very nice and this particular design is great for layering and simple wear with plain v-necks. Second necklace I picked up in rose gold, since it looked more flattering on my pale skin complexion. The necklace itself is very fine and dainty yet it looks edgy and masculine at the same time. It goes well with anything round neck. My last pick was this tiger ring which is worth to mention that also comes in silver and rose gold. This ring comes in one adjustable size which makes it very versatile and great when combined with other rings. It is very flat and have a snug fit, which makes it comfortable to wear.

Hope you enjoyed my my mini Zag Bijoux jewelry haul. All pieces are golden/silver coated but still very affordable and budget friendly.