Fooling around with tattoos

Fooling around with tattoos

I am a self-proclaimed temporary tattoo addict. Models Own Color Chrome Body Tattoos converted me completely. Metallic temporary tattoos are ageless and fun to play with. I know that there are many other brands of metallic temporary tattoos out there. Models Own are great because they come with a small price and variety of different designs.

One pack/sheet of Models Own Color Chrome Body Tattoos consist of about ten to fifteen different designs. Personally I like the versatility and simplicity of the design allowing me to be more creative. Most of the designs are meant to be used as arm bracelet but you can always place them anywhere you please. For example I used two of the arrow designs to create a layered ring. Ticker bracelets I am planning to place around my ankle (different designs for front and back).

 Models Own Color Chrome Body Tattoos Models Own Color Chrome Body Tattoos 

Instructions for application can be a bit tricky. Carefully cut out the design you want. REMOVE the clear plastic foil and place the design on top of the skin (yes I did forget to remove the clear foil and learned this lesson the hard way). Wet it and wait for about 30 seconds. Then remove the white background and enjoy your new bling for about two days. These temporary tattoos are easy to remove, just gently scrub them off. It will start pealing easily without leaving skin irritated.

There is nothing like adding a bit of temporary bling on your body without punching holes or sticking needles. The combination of eye catching designs and clever placements can spark conversation with strangers almost instantly. They are also a great accessory for festivals, pool parties or just random fun.